Chick of the Month Valerie Lemings

Tell us about yourself so that we can get to know you better.
My name is Valerie Lemings. I’m married to my sweetie, Dave, and we have four all-grown up kids—3 daughters and one son. And our first grandbaby will be here soon! My dad was a surgeon in the Air Force so we moved frequently. Mom was an OB nurse. I didn’t follow in the shoes of my medical professional parents—I became a professional photographer and had a successful business doing weddings and portraiture in the Sacramento area so I could homeschool our kids. 

When our oldest daughter went to college she met a young man from Oregon, fell in love and got married. When we traveled to the Willamette Valley for the wedding we were smitten with the Pacific Northwest and moved north the following year.

With the kids out of school, I wanted to work a job with the same hours as my husband so we could spend time together. I said Goodbye to photography after 20ish years and decided to partner with LegalShield to serve my community with their unparalleled identity theft services and legal plans.

I’ve been with the company now for seven years. I’m a Senior Director and enjoy my work, drive a company car, and occasionally take tropical honeymoon trips with Dave--on  LegalShield!

What inspired you to do what you do professionally?
I fell into LegalShield accidentally. I needed a Will, and knew the value of legal advice, and gave it a try at my brother’s recommendation. The service was so smart and so relevant that I decided to bring it to others, even though it was a huge change from being an independent professional photographer. Working with a team was a new experience and there was and still is, sometimes, a learning curve.

Tell us a story of how you made a difference in someone’s life.
One of my clients was sexually harassed in her job. Once her employer actually put both hands on her chest! She called the law firm and they helped her bring a lawsuit against her employer. She said there was no way she could have done it alone. She still thanks me every time I see her!

What have you gained personally from being a member of Chicks Connect?
Chicks Connect….it may have saved my life. I’ve been abundantly blessed by the friendships and support that I’ve received. I’ve never had many friends, but now I have a whole community to call on and draw from. Joining Chicks is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

What have you gained professionally from being a member of Chicks Connect?
It’s said that the people you associate with and the books you read will make you the person you become. I couldn’t ask for finer professional association than with the amazing, sharp, smart women I’ve met in Chicks. Thanks to this unique organization my boundaries are expanding. Instead of feeling old and used up, I’m invigorated and inspired by the women I’ve met doing business, giving back, teaching, training, speaking, authoring, etc. Chicks Connect is instrumental in helping me realize there are more gifts within me: that I have a story to tell, a book to write, and—who knows where I’ll go from there?

Any words of wisdom for other Chicks?
You’re in the right place at the right time. Spread your wings and fly!

How can people reach you if they want to know more about what you are up to in the
Call me…let’s partner together for friendship and business collaboration!