How Do I Start My Own Chapter?

As a Member of Chicks Connect, you are welcome to facilitate any of our branches of Chicks Connect. You may lead an online or in person Mastermind Support Group, A Power Hour, A Chicks with Peeps Group, A Simply Social Group, and Host any of our events. Fill out the form to get connected and start right away.

Steps For Starting Your Own Chapter

Choose a Day

Chicks Connect Chapters across the country meet every day of the week. We encourage YOU to determine the day you meet based on your schedule. The right people will show up if you remain consistent and continue to invite.

Determine the Location

We have a list of suggested locations in our Chair Chick University Group. We are also able to help you secure a meeting place if you are having difficulty finding a free location. We encourage you to ask the members of your chapter for ideas as well.

Chair Chick University

Make sure to connect with our Leader Support Group on Facebook, Chair Chick University. We also schedule weekly leader support Zoom Online meetings. You will find many resources in the Files section of this group.

Pick a Time

Pick the time that works best for YOU and again, be consistent and continue to invite. Some of our chapters follow the 60 minute format while others add an extra 30 minutes to the traditional agenda. Do what works best for you.


There are many ways to invite people to your Chapter Meeting. Personal invites, email, phone, Facebook Event, Meetup Event on our Meetup PRO account, Fliers, E-vites, etc. Check our Files section of our Chair Chick University Group for other ideas on how to grow your chapter.

Leadership Roles

Assign Leadership Roles right away. Every member of Chicks Connect takes on a Leadership Role. When everyone participates, everyone wins! Everyone has the opportunity to be empowered and contribute. There is a list of Leadership Roles in the Chair Chick University Group and in your Chair Chick Tool Kit.

What are Chicks Saying...

"From several deaths in my family, a leukemia diagnosis for another close family member, and a decision to pursue a lifelong dream that is largely unsupported by certain close family members, 2018 has been an incredibly difficult year for me personally. I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through everything without my Chicks. My Chicks have been there for me through everything. By allowing me to break and be vulnerable with them, my Chicks have helped me to be strong for my family when needed. I am immensely grateful to know that I have a tribe that will love me unconditionally and lift me up even in my darkest times no matter what is happening in my home life. There is no better tribe of women to be a part of when it comes to love, support, and connection."
Mariah Clark
Empowering Sexuality

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