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Chicks Connect Power Hour in Eugene, Oregon November 6, 2018

Springfield, Oregon October 23, 2018 – Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists connect in support, action, and accountability for growth both personally and professionally.  The members of Chicks Connect showcase their businesses, feature charities, network and ask for specific tools and resources for their businesses and personal lives. The Chicks Connect Power Hours are open to the public and we invite you to attend the Spring Chicks Power Hour on November 6, 2018 at Garden Way Retirement Community, 175 South Garden Way, Eugene, Oregon 97401.

"When I found chicks connect, I had been looking and hoping for something exactly like this! I wanted to develop meaningful relationships with other women in an environment of mutual respect and empowerment. To be part of a mastermind group of women such as I have found has been phenomenal. I believe I speak for all the women in my chapter when I say that our lives have been enhanced and there has been value added to what we do and who we are. I love chicks connect!" Tita Luisa Freytag

Chicks Connect Founder and CEO, Jewels Muller and her family travel full-time in their RV and share the Chicks Connect movement across the country, setting up Mastermind Chapters, Power Hours, Chicks with Peeps, and Simply Social Chapters. Jewels has a passion for connecting and encouraging others to have self-love, courage, and personal empowerment.

The Chicks Connect Power Hour is open to the public and we invite you to join us. You can expect the following:

  • Business showcases and presentations
  • Charity focus
  • Networking and Collaborating
  • ASK activity
  • Raffle
  • Fun, friendship, and support

Chicks, for me, is my support group. I’ve been in networking groups before that are about my business, but Chicks is a support for me personally in addition to my business. Regular networking groups are fine, but my Chicks group embraces all of me. Another thing I love about Chicks is that it offers a huge amount, but there are no rules about having to do anything. Nobody checks up on me if I don’t look at the lesson. The lessons are there for my use if I choose to use them. Chicks Connect offers way more than I think any one person can utilize. It is abundant!  - Mary Kirkpatrick

The members of Chicks Connect follow a creed of love and support for self and others.

I am Connecting, creating, and collaborating.

I am Helping others and providing massive value

I am Investing in my personal and professional development

I am Creating a strategic plan for growth in all areas of my life

I am Knowing and loving myself and others

I am Soaring to the top and celebrating my success – and YOURS!

Since 2010, Chicks Connect has been connecting members, guiding them into action, holding them accountable for personal and professional growth and development all built on a foundation of love, fun, friendship, service, and support. To learn more and to request interviews with Jewels Muller contact Chicks Connect at (541)390-9873, send emails to and visit