Spotlight Chick Sandy Kralovec Paper Barn Creations

Tell us about yourself so that we can get to know you better. I am a Mom (or three 20 something young ladies), Wife, Entrepreneur, Bicyclist (long distance touring), Gardener, Plant-based Cook, Educator and a person who is determined to help people get organized on paper! I am the proud owner and founder of Paper Barn Creations! Paper Barn Creations is about creating an organized life with custom Wheelie~fun planners, journals, recipe books, date books, contact books, Get it Done project books, kid’s travel books, travel journals, and more! The best thing about the Wheelie~fun books is that they can be customized - the style, color and images can be tailored to fit your personality! (Or you can buy one that is pre-made! There a many options to pick from!) Each book is unique! The website eCommerce store is under construction, but you can order by contacting me here! I will create, build and ship your special "Wheelie~fun" book! Let’s get organized! What inspired you to do what you do professionally? Chicks! It all started with my chick sisters asking where I got my planner. "I made it, why?" - well, we want one! So the next thing you know I was making and selling planners to everyone in the chapter! Next, a business name (Paper Barn Creations) and a biz launch! I rented a barn and 25 people showed up. 22 were Chicks from at least 5 different chapters! And I was off and running with a new fun business "Creating!" Tell us a story of how you made a difference in someone’s life. As a business owner of a new business, I am not sure yet how big of a difference I am making in the lives of my customers yet. But I know the look of pure joy and excitement on the face of a new owner of a customized "Wheelie~fun" book! I live to deliver a beautiful book into the hands of its new owner! My hope that because my books are so fun to use, my customers will enjoy a new life of organization! What have you gained personally from being a member of Chicks Connect? I don't have time to write the book! Personally, these ladies are my best friends! They have been there for me through some very tough times these last few years. And are there to bring me joy and friendship!! Outside the meetings they are there for outings and fun events. When I bump into a Chick anywhere, I always feel like I just bumped into a sister I haven't seen in a while! Big hugs! What have you gained professionally from being a member of Chicks Connect? As a business owner, I am supported and encouraged daily! As I explained in how my business got started, it would have never happened without Chicks Connect women and their encouragement! Even when I am up against a deadline, they come out and volunteer to help put together books! Amazing women!!!! As a life long learner, I have the opportunity to learn weekly from the discussion topics provided by our founder, Jewels, as well as learning from the other members of the organization. Each week I grow more personally and professionally! Any words of wisdom for other Chicks? "Get involved" . Chicks has so much to offer. Go beyond the weekly meeting. Connect with others that have similar interests! Do everything you have time to do - your life will grow rich with these experiences and with the connections to these amazing women! How can people reach you if they want to know more about what you are up to in the world?