image.jpgsally HSpotlight Chick ~ Sally Hite ~ Member of the Spirited Chicks of Redmond, Oregon

About Sally - I am a lady that truly loves to help people. I was in the Insurance and Financial Services industry for 12 yrs. I am the oldest of nine kids. Married to a great guy for 34 years. I have 4 children and 9 almost 10 grand babies. I have been taking care of my mom who has dementia since 2010.

I fell in love with my company because I saw their heart to help families and our local merchants. I have made a difference in several families’ lives, bringing additional income back into their budgets. That makes my heart feel good as I am contributing to helping others. I believe if we can add to, edify and lift others we help the World to be better for everyone.

I joined Chicks Connect because I wanted to connect and support other entrepreneurial woman in my local community. Professionally, Chicks Connect has brought me into the lives of woman and the Business Community. For me, joining Chicks Connect was a God sent gift. I really look forward to our weekly meetings and making new friends along the way. I would recommend it to all women, because it is important to connect and nourish our spirits. As we bring strength and encouragement to each other. It matters...

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Sally Hite

Independent Business Rep – SME Merchant Coach