Spotlight Chick Nancy Gretzinger

Tell us about yourself so that we can get to know you better.

I am a retired educator that’s done it all at every level and different locations for over 40 years.  I worked in the classroom, building, district and university level in inner city, rural, urban and city.  I am still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

What inspired you to do what you do professionally?

I was the oldest in the neighborhood and started babysitting young, I enjoyed children, In high school, I was in FTA (Future Teachers of America) and volunteered at a local school and was in Youth ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens).

Tell us a story of how you made a difference in someone’s life.

I taught special needs preschool and we had a nonverbal Spanish speaking Autistic student.  We would watch clips of baby sign language and his mom would see some.  He was in McDonald’s and ran his finger from his middle chin down his throat.  His mom recognized the sign for “thirsty.”  He’s four and this was his first understandable communication.

What have you gained personally from being a member of Chicks Connect?

I have gained a new support group who encourages and supports me in many ways. Who would have thought at sixty plus I would need new friends? I have developed a chronic illness and had a friend and a group that didn’t know how to deal with it and chose to leave my life. I was lucky right around that time I discovered Lynette Molina and she was initiating the first chapter in Arizona. I am very grateful.

What have you gained professionally from being a member of Chicks Connect?

Julie’s weekly material is inspirational.  With the group, I have been able to educate about Ameo Essential Oils and Zija’s National Health Revolution. I have also been able to experience some great products from the other ladies.

Any words of wisdom for other Chicks?

What a Mastermind group! Soak up all the great info provided for personal and professional growth. Reach out to any of the other members!

How can people reach you if they want to know more about what you are up to in the world?

Webpages: (new book coming out March 1, 2018) (still evolving)