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I am Joan Schultze, RN, DC, CBP. That means I am a registered nurse, chiropractor and certified BodyTalk practitioner. I was inspired to help people be the best they can be. I became a nurse to do that. I didn't want to be a doctor and make life and death decisions and the only other option at that time, 1961, was to become a nurse. I attended a university nursing program because if I changed my mind, my credits would be transferable. (The other option was a hospital program.) I joined the US Navy and served for almost 3 years. It was a "sink or swim" experience and I learned to swim very quickly, but decided it was not my life work. I subsequently discovered chiropractic which used hands and head and heart to create health and was accepted into chiropractic college in Portland, OR. Four long years later, while raising my 2 children, I graduated with my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. I have been in solo practice for over 30 years and continue to learn. About 10 years ago, I discovered BodyTalk and studied this amazing energy medicine therapy and have been using that as well in my office.

There is one person who stands out as an amazing transformation in my professional practice. This man was scheduled for surgery on his low back but his friend convinced him to see me first. He all but crawled into the office in acute severe pain ( and a lot of questions about the benefit to be gained from his visit). We worked together for about 2 hours and by the end, he was able to stand up and move around with minimal pain. He was so thrilled, he stayed up all night moving because he was afraid if he stopped, he might not be able to move again. He made a full recovery and came in for "tune-ups" for many years. He never had surgery!

I am so happy to be in Chicks. I have made lifetime connections with many women and learned from them and patronized their businesses as they have mine. We laugh a lot!! The chair Chick in my group is Leslie Akin in Lake Oswego, OR and she is an inspiration. When I need a suggestion about who to see for a particular product or service, asking the Chicks produces an answer. What a blessing! I learn new things about each member when she presents in our meeting. It has broadened my horizons. If I have a problem, I know I can call on a Chick for the answer, or to listen to me if I need to vent. Likewise, they can call me and I listen.

Words of wisdom...reach out to other Chicks. Get to know them. Share your life and ask them to share theirs. We are so powerful when we work and play together!

Joan Schultze

Joan Schultze
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