Spotlight Chick Christy Clark

Tell us about yourself so that we can get to know you better:

Let’s see… I turned 30 in April and still don’t feel like a grown up, I’m married to my not-so-prince charming and we’ve been together for 10 years with what seems like more downs than ups but we’re stronger for it, no kiddos, we have two black labs, I live in Bend, Oregon amidst the mountains and feel so blessed to live where my heart and soul long to be! I’m super close to my parents and have a handful of close friends (most are fellow Chicks!) that I cherish dearly. I struggle frequently with self-worth and confidence, but I love helping others learn to accept themselves!

What inspired you to do what you do professionally?

I’m a self-employed accountant – I do bookkeeping, payroll and tax prep. I chose Accounting as my major because it seemed like something I wouldn’t regret; I wasn’t necessarily passionate about it. However, a few years after I got my degree, I met a woman named Tammy who changed my life. She’s self-employed doing the same thing for 20+ years, and encouraged/pushed me to get out on my own. I decided (with her not-so-subtle pushing) to make the jump to being self-employed for many reasons; I wanted to set my own schedule and be my own boss. But most of all, I wanted to help people. I had never realized that I could help people through accounting! I wanted to provide a sense of reassurance that I’m taking care of the business-y side of their business so that they can GROW and RUN their business with more knowledge and understanding. I cherish the trust that my clients instill in me to take care of them.

Tell us a story of how you made a difference in someone’s life:

I love doing little things to make a difference in someone’s day, but making a difference in their life? That’s a big one. On my way back home from CCIC in June, there was a Central Oregon Breeze bus broken down headed in my direction. The route it runs is approximately 3 ½ hours and I knew the passengers had at least 2 ½ hours left to Bend, so I figured since I was headed to Bend anyway, some company might make the trip go faster! (Or I’d get murdered, one or the other). I popped my head in the bus and asked if anyone wanted to ride with me – an exhausted mother (and her hyper 6 year old) practically jumped into my car along with another older gentleman. I’d like to think I made a difference in their life

What have you gained personally from Chicks?

Friends, support, encouragement, self-acceptance, reassurance, motivation, the list goes on!!

What have you gained professionally from Chicks?

Business connections, social media knowledge, feedback on professionalism, and encouragement on growing my business and keeping a more tidy and organized office! I’m sure there’s a lot I’m forgetting.

Any words of wisdom for other Chicks?

Don’t underestimate the power of this group. Because of this group, I have implemented meal planning at home, I regularly clean up and organize my office and home, and have developed invaluable friendships. Try not to miss the meetings; the more consistently I attend, the less I go see my therapist – that’s scientific proof that Chicks can make you happier 😉

How can people reach you?

Email is best: (please note there are two “k”s) but if I don’t respond within 72 hours, please call or text me at 541-408-8170!