Spotlight Chick - Amy Harder

A little about myself, I am a wife and mother but so much more. Getting to know me is easy I am happy to open up myself. I grew up in a single parent household in Northern California, typical childhood for the most part we traveled a lot and I was able to see other states within our country, but also outside of ours. The best of which was Costa Rica where I was able to live for 18 months needless to say I learned a lot.
What inspired me to do what I do, that's easy.  I was watching myself age before my eyes and began using Rodan and Fields Skincare products.  I was truly amazed at the difference after 9 months of use. I thought to myself if this helps me "Who can I help"? So with the 4 different regimens I began helping others who were in many different situations. I noticed my income changing and I realized the real benefit to others is to teach them about residual income and coaching. That's making a difference in someone's life. Giving them tools to grow and become a business owner.
A difference in someones life is a big eye opener, I have a single mom on my team who without residual income would still be making it month to month, we've all pretty much been there and know what a drain it is on your life.  Well 6 months into her Rodan and Fields business she is well onto her way to not only making it, but actually able to put money aside. We have worked one on one with each other to make this happen and I am very happy with the results.
I have personally gain so much from Chicks Connect, the women that I have come into contact with are truly top notch.  I love the support and eye opening things we learn at each and every meeting.  Our chapter is all, but 6 months old and we are each taking away so much from the meetings.
Professionally, the growth that has happened in my life I have applied to the 2 businesses that I own. The weekly exercises work well along with going over the activities verbally help a lot. Each of us taking on a role makes a huge difference as we all have different talents. Having Power Hours has helped practice with my networking skills and that is an important part of business.
Words of Wisdom for any Chick, look completely through the Website and see what Chicks Connect has to offer and use the Facebook Page to reach out to others. Make it work for you.
To reach me please feel free to use Facebook, to send a email, 208-949-3420 to phone me. I am really an open book as I stated above, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Warm Wishes, Amy