Silverton, OR Garden Chicks Having a Blast!

People often ask, "How is Chicks Connect different from other groups?" I thought I would share some of the hidden, behind the scenes activities of the Chicks Connect members. The following photos and descriptions are from the Silverton Garden City Chicks of Silverton, Oregon. They are fun, silly, wise, bold, heart-centered, giving, involved, business fabulous Chicks!

The Silverton Chicks got together tonight for book club and decided it was a movie night! We ate, drank wine, watched “Book Club“ and laughed our heads off! So much fun! #silvertonchicks #chicksconnect #grownupdressup #happyhalloween  What a great night! Thank you Mary Alexander for being a great hostess! So who wants to do book club next month?😄❤️  Val Lemings

I want to remind you about our movie night next Thursday, the 18th at 6 pm. Book Club is the movie and we will need to start it at 6:15 in order to be done by 8:00. We can munch and watch the movie. I'll have wine and appetizers. There will be a little gift for the best costume. So come as the house guest that won't leave, the rocker chick, or anything you want.👑👗🤡👽.  Hope to see you then!!   Mary Alexander

Last night I didn't get a chance to mention that Leslie Curry, a founding Silverton Garden City Chicks member was the inspiration for the decorations for the Book/Movie Club. It all started with one of Leslie's costume dresses hanging up as decoration... then I got carried away...LOL The point was that I wanted Leslie to be there in spirit 💕. The hat was Leslie's, it matches the beautiful dress.   Mary Alexander