New Lifetime Member Crystal Matti

Hello, I’m Crystal from Crystal’s Recycle-Bling

I started Crafting at a young age and with a limited budget.  I learned how to use the limited items available to me to create the items I needed or wanted.  Crafting as a child allowed me to give specialized gifts without having to ask my mother to drive me the half hour into town.

From using repurposed items out of necessity to using them out of choice, makes the difference.

Now as a wife and mother of two working a day job.  Recycle-Bling was born out of needing some creative therapy.  Over the years I have collected quite the creation stash, and having a business is a great way to turn what is already in my house to fund my house.  I have always been a mindful person when it comes to what is thrown out.  My parents always had a recycle bin, compost pile and really limited what landed in the land fill. I have kept that ideology through life.

I learned how to turn paper into bead in the early 2000’s and from there I have perfected that talent and made 100’s of jewelry items with them.  I started Crystal’s Recycle-Bling in 2015 on Facebook after making 60 pairs of earrings with paper beads for a women’s function.

Now there are all sorts of items I can make out of junk mail, animal food bags, coffee bags (the plastic ones), tee shirts, and the like.  Reducing the foot print one creation at a time.

Now I’m selling online at, showing-off on Facebook, and featured at Discover Quilting in Salem, Oregon.