Chick of the Month Christina Tsutsui-Tharp

We are so excited to welcome our newest Lifetime Member, Christina Tsutsui - Tharp from Bend, Oregon. Christina is the Chair Chick for our Bend, Oregon Chapter of Chicks Connect. She recently attended the POWER of Chicks our Chicks Connect Mastermind Workshop and made the decision to invest in a Lifetime Membership. The Chicks Connect Lifetime Membership is $1297 unless purchased at an event and then the price drops $300 to $997. We welcome YOU Christina. To learn more about Christina's business Click Here>>>

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Christina is a very goal oriented and driven woman. That may be an understatement.

Among her many forms of networking and community involvement she is a member of Chicks Connect. Christina joined Chicks Connect in the early summer of 2016 via word of mouth and lastly a friendly invitation. Having a thriving business was great, but Christina works to get the most out of life both personally and professionally. Joining a group of educated, driven, enthusiastic, and artistic professionals was the obvious next step for her so Chicks Connect was a brilliant fit. Christina found a place in which her professional dreams were not only relevant but encouraged. She was able to express her energy, her business savvy and passion for women's independence in an environment that celebrates her achievements as well as presses her forward toward her her many goals.

Throughout high school she participated in multiple different sports and extra curriculars showing early her determination and drive. A few years later she was in college, found her passion for sexual health education, then through happenstance, joined Pure Romance. Thus, began her path of professional and financial independence.  Shortly after she graduated Christina settled down in her personal life. She became a mother and made a home with her husband all the while maintaining her professional identity.

Her son Kalle is 5 and a half, happy, vibrant and homeschooled. The family faces a schedule that may seem intense to some but for them that is life at its best. School time, sports, library, museum trips and office time keep the family happily active. Christina has time to school her son, maintain her health, expand her business and build healthy relationships because she has created a life of her own design that fosters an environment of personal growth as well as quality time with those who matter.

Pure Romance began as a way to simply get a discount on her favorite products. Soon it became a way to make money and then finally a way of life that is healthy and fulfilling. Christina's business savvy personality and desire to promote sexual health is inspirational and has led her to making an impact on many lives.

As a woman of character and service, Christina has touched so many lives it may be impossible to calculate. Her work as a sexual health advocate has given her the opportunity to help countless women and it is her dedication to a healthy and safe community that inspires her to host her very own fund raisers, food drives and other community works.

Christina found comradery and freedom as a member of Chicks Connect. It introduced her to a group of like-minded women who are happy to support her every dream and ambition. The women of Chicks Connect also desire success as business owners, financial awareness and independence; they inspire and encourage each other to work hard while embracing femininity. They also require commitment and a certain amount of dedication. The members keep Christina accountable. Weekly meetings and the amazing content provided give her priceless information and the group itself helps her to think outside the box.

Being a mother is a chaotic blessing and like most mothers Christina finds it hard to make time to herself without feeling like she could be doing more for her family. Sure, she stops for coffee or takes a long shower but none of those things will better her family or her lifestyle. As a member of Chicks Connect she can attend gatherings sans her husband or son guilt free as it is a form of motivation and professional focus. Collaboration with her peers is not only good for her wellbeing but also her business. The group keeps her mind fresh and in return she can pass share her with those who need a bit of guidance.

For other members, or future members of Chicks Connect, you need to know that Christina's success is vast and humbling. She never stopped working for what she wanted and when things got difficult she kept going because she knew the opportunities are endless. When you have achieved one goal continue to the next because that is your next adventure.

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