Living Life Unbound

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Here it is, the part of my story in the book about Chicks Connect.

The Portland, Oregon area has proven to be the best location for my husband and myself, although I work with clients from other states as well. One of the best things to happen since being here, is that through networking, I met Jewels Muller, who at that time was a professional organizer and a brilliant force of nature when it came to networking. We chatted about how we felt after typical networking—like it had no soul. We wanted something with more depth, more meaning, not just a sale.


So Jewels created the mastermind, Chicks Connect, bringing women together in small groups to network and nurture each other. I love watching women pay attention to their whole beings, which includes personal growth and paying it forward. As we help each other we help ourselves. It’s a revolutionary concept that goes far beyond business networking to something much deeper and meaningful.


Jewels then asked me to create the Chicks Connect logo. My inspiration came from observing all the various personalities and cultures coming together as a whole in the different groups. The vibrant colors of the logo represent all the energy and differences that make us who we are. The flower, a universal symbol of the female, is represented as women connected in a circle which also exudes the sense of friendliness and cooperation that is an integral part of Chicks Connect. The friendly and round font choice represents natural ease and flow, an essential quality to welcoming women into the Chicks Connect circle.


Chicks Connect focuses more on personal growth, and we seem to do more business organically, simply because we like and care about one another. Chicks Connect is about being authentic and being willing to work on oneself under the guidance of the curriculum and interaction with other chick members. Of course we have fun, but along the way we make lasting friendships and we learn how to be self-actualized.


I love the feeling of extended family and friendship and a more developed sense of community. Professionally, through Chicks Connect I've met a lot wonderful clients whom I might not have met otherwise. Each meeting there is something brought to light by a chick that allows me to see this thing called life in a different perspective. I leave meetings feeling more energized, more alive.


My other passion is practicing gratitude daily, personally and in business. It's made a huge difference in my life in every way possible, by sending a real heartfelt greeting card to people I'm thinking about, people I want to celebrate and honor for their successes and thanking clients for their business and referrals. Giving to give, not to get, has opened me up to greater possibilities.



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