Suzanne Kyra

Is Living Big For You?

Of Course It Is!

by Suzanne Kyra

Today life is more and more complicated. It is less straight forward and simple. We are bombarded with so much stimulus and so many demands. Change is happening at a rate like never before.

Life for many feels like a long and challenging balancing act of our needs and wants. So how do we manage and care for our dreams? What do we do when we find ourselves in a situation that leaves us asking ‘how did I get here?’

If you are a person who has big dreams to live a satisfying life, you know how complicated life can be. Chances are that you have had many ups and downs, many successes and many set backs.

Do you wonder why it is that in some areas of your life you thrive, and in other areas the setbacks just keep heaping up until you forget your old dreams?

Living Big Is A Solution Focused Life Style

Living Big is living in every moment with the big picture in mind. It is understanding that every situation requires a need to be met, and a challenge to overcome. At Living Big we give you a tool kit that will enable you to overcome challenges.

We teach you how to discern what you can change, and what you cannot. At Living Big the focus is to be with what is, and move forward in your life by being solution focussed. We also focus on enabling you to feel empowered, satisfied, enlivened, and very creative. Life is a most wonderful opportunity.

What Is Living Big?

Living big is living with mindfulness. At Living Big we teach you how to find out what you really want and need, and how to successfully get it.

Living Big…

-Is a massive amount of fun in a safe place.

-Is exciting, dynamic, confidence inspiring, joyous, and truthful

-Changes your life. It brings a new freshness to it.

-Helps you get unstuck.

-Helps you see doing something new everyday as natural.
Living Big Transforms Your Life To The Next Level.

You will learn how to change your life to live bigger.  Optimism, commitment, love and flexibility become a part of your being.

Living Big is being interested in what really matters, and putting yourself in situations that feed and nurture your every success.

When you Live Big you will posture and position yourself to always shine. If you see situations where you can be exploited, you will not participate. You go to where you can be honoured and nurtured no matter what.

Coincidentally, most children who have their needs met and experience success naturally living big. Here is an opportunity to nurture your inner child to live big.

Living Big is about feeling alive and vital. It is learning how to feel new again. You will learn how to re-vitalize your life. You learn that it is not all of your many talents which will define your destiny. Rather it is where you put your energy. You will be successful when you feel driven to move forward and do the work it takes to succeed.

At Living Big you will have the opportunity to regain your full confidence. As children we have so much confidence to do so many new things. The first five years of our lives we are exploring the world and constantly learning and falling and picking ourselves up and learning and falling and picking ourselves up. We have all done this, for if we hadn't we would not be able to be here. When we feel alone and that there is no one here for us, we will collapse in that area and lose our way.

Is Living Big For You?

To begin with, we are confident that Living Big is likely a better investment than anything else you are investing in. If you cannot feel fully empowered and alive in who you are, who you are with, and what you are doing; then you will see the power of Living Big.

Living Big addresses all the issues that keep us small. Living Big offers the possibility to live with the magical delights that will move you to the next level of successful connection in all of your relationships. Thus, to move to levels you could not even imagine were possible before for you and your loved ones.

Join Us!

This  next living Big Event is from March 21st to March 23rd in Metro Vancouver. It will feature experiential exercises combined with teachings so that you can understand what comes up inside of you that promotes success, and what is inside of you that sabotages your success.

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