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Join Hugh Ballou for a 3 month Leadership Mentoring Cohort

Having worked with leaders for over 30 years, I know when people get stuck because of something inside of them. We can’t find it, yet it keeps us from achieving the success we deserve. As you know, I’m starting a Leadership Cohort group very soon. I’ve interviewed many people and have created a short list of candidates that I believe are a fit and will benefit from this program.
This group will focus on building your skills to achieve your vision by identifying what’s holding you back personally and learning more about yourself and the unseen challenges that block the pathway forward. Psychologists call these blocks “shadows.” Our shadows are limiting our success and its time to release our inner strength. This is NOT therapy. This is leadership mentoring.

I’m drawing from my many years of study and practice in two really great leadership methodologies:

1) Transformational Leadership, and
2) Bowen Family Systems.
Together, they are extremely powerful.
Here’s how it works:
  1. You join the group by making a 3-month commitment of $247/month by clicking here:
  2. You will get a list of items to begin reading and thinking about several topics
  3. We schedule our first session on Zoom (it’s private and will not be recorded)
  4. We define the topics that will fit the group’s needs
  5. We schedule the next sessions
What you get:
  1. One group session a month of 90 minutes…more if we need it
  2. One personal session with me
  3. Open dialogue on topics you never realized were blocking your strategic thinking and acting
  4. Privacy - all sessions are private and we all pledge to not discuss the information shared outside of the group
  5. Personal and group support for things that are important and will unlock your future success
  6. Content that you can keep on using for personal growth
  7. Tools for rethinking your relationship within any group that will change your results with that group and make the interactions more meaningful for everyone - business, family, church, social groups, etc.
  8. A new view of your personal power and capabilities
  9. A group notebook and a personal notebook for us to chat separately or collectively about the topics we are exploring
  10. My personal pledge of support for the future…no matter what
If we haven’t talked enough, them schedule a call with me using my calendar at and let’s chat.
DEADLINE: I’m closing this offer as of September 6, 2016
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