On the Road with

Chicks Connect

What a fabulous Nevada Visit! Thank you to the Nevada Chicks Connect leaders, members, and guests who made my week one to remember. If you know someone in Nevada, I strongly encourage you to connect them with the local and online chapters. Each chapter is unique, but they have the founding Chicks Connect values in common; Connection, Action, Accountability, Love, Fun, Friendship, Service, and Support!

My first stop was the Boss Building Chick Chapter which meets on Tuesday nights and they had a huge turnout of members and guests. Wednesday, I visited Stephanie Ryder the Boss Building Chair Chick at her Esthetician School for a facial, brow wax, and bacial; yes, that is a thing. It is a facial for your back! It was wonderful. Thursday, I spent the morning with Rosemary Springman who is creating a Chicks Connect store for us and we discussed what members might like to see in the way of swag and goodies! That afternoon, I met with Ann Severs the Chair Chick of the Henderson Chapter, which also meets on Tuesday nights, and we had lunch together at Mimi’s in Henderson which is their new meeting location.

Friday morning was spent with our founding chapter, Jammin’ for Joy Chicks and their Chair Chick Tiffany Almazan at the beautiful Bloom Co-working space followed by a Vegan lunch. The Henderson PowerHour was well-attended on Saturday and we learned more about some of the members and their businesses. I always love a big Las Vegas Buffet and it was finally time on Sunday morning where I met with Rosemary and Leslie Gaudet over a fantastic breakfast feast. Yes, the name of the location was FEAST!

After brunch, we met up with even more Chicks for a fun time bowling and chatting and guess what happened? A new chapter was born! Chair Chick Coach Rocky Martinez will be leading our first Spanish Speaking Chicks Connect Chapter. This chapter will be conducted in Spanish so if you’d like to immerse yourself in a second language or if Spanish is your first language, you may find a home with Rocky and her new Spanish Speaking Chick Chapter. After a very exciting busy week of Chicks Connect festivities it was time to pack up and head back to California but not before a Monday morning visit to Chaplain Dow’s Chapter; Chicks Who Love Jesus! This is a local and online chapter and we have a complimentary Facebook Group for the Chicks Who Love Jesus where they share prayer requests and positivity. Thank you all for the fun, friendship, connections, support, love, and prayers. I appreciate all of you and it was my sincere pleasure getting to know you even better! I hope to see you again sooner rather than later… How about a visit to Oregon to attend our upcoming CCIC 2019 April 25 – 27, 2019? We would LOVE to see you! Hugs and Happy Days Ahead! ~ Jewels

NOTE: We are excited to be launching our first Newsletter on the new platform. With new technology comes a huge learning curve so we ask that you are patient with us as we muddle our way through.