Mary EllenGuest Blogger ~ Mary Ellen Deckelmann of the Frisky Chicks of Bend, Oregon

Good Morning Chicks....Happy Spring in every way..I love the fresh air and the big blue sky.

I am ready to become part of a team that brings delight, beauty, and inspired consciousness to the world. To be part of something grander than myself and to be with others as we shift our reality.

To a reality or consciousness that is more expansive with grace and love where together we help one another be in our full radiance and beauty.
Where we lead forth what is truly possible. To truly live in the Magic of Life that which has been hidden to us.

To learn in each breath to step beyond my story of my story...In each day to rewrite my script until I find pure bliss and comfort in my new script that is a reflection of my true nature.

My desire is that we together on this journey open to each moment and most of all to truly see the beauty in all that we are offered by life.
I am ready to create something grander than my wildest dreams with others..

If you know someone or if it is you who - has a training, facilitation, mindfulness, consciousness, leadership, creativity, evolutionary consciousness organization...tribe or collective...please contact me as I am ready to co-create with others and bring more love, fun, beauty, and grace into the world. Or someone who needs support in bringing their dream to light. I am ready to support to lead to create.

Or if you have any ideas for me...let me know as I am ready to soar...
I am ready to create with inspired women who want to bring more balance to the world.

I am trained as a Relationship, Happiness, and Success Coach...and Executive Coach...I have performed over 750 ceremonies of love and commitment (Weddings) and some Life celebrations. I am student of Buddhism, Meditation, and Mindfulness. I just created a company called Elope Bend.

My purpose is to awaken myself and others to our exquisite radiance and our capacity to lead. I am inspired by creativity and beauty.
I am ready to step fully into my divine feminine...and the beauty of lifeĀ itself...

I am ready to play on a bigger life stage to travel to give my gifts and to receive the gifts and the support that is always present when I take time to notice what is being offered.

Namaste' on this most beautiful Spring Day..
Mary Ellen - also know as M.E. (Emmy) NLP Master Practitioner
Masters in Applied Behavioral Science -(Systems Thinking) and many more Modalities. Bend, Oregon

Mary Ellen Deckelmann
Relationship, Happiness, Inspired Divorce, Conscious Uncoupling, Mindful ness, Leadership, Mediation, and Success Coach
Be your possible, if not now when?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver

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