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There are lots of great tips and tools for content creation, and I thought I would share this method I learned many years ago and I thought I would share it with you.   It's called the STAR method.

STAR Method.                       
Situation  Tactics/Tools  Actions  Results

Ask yourself these questions about your content.

1.  "S"  Did you describe a situation, problem, or set a scene that will interest your audience?  Are you helping your readers identify with you.  People do business and create loyal relationships with those they know like and trust.  Everyone likes to be around others that are like them and feel like they are heard and not alone in their issues, feelings and behaviors. Is it share worthy? Will readers say, " You gotta read this?" Grab them quick with your headline and intro because you know everyone's attention span and tolerance for boring can be a long as it takes to click to something else.  

2. "T"  Did you share with your readers what tools or tactics/ plans you made to solve,  help them or drive emotion?  Remember most sales or actions are based on an emotional response. Make sure that you are also using photos and great art to help draw in your readers.

3. "A"  What actions occurred?  This is the meat of your article, where you can relate juicy details, funny moments, heartfelt actions, and all the steps trials or tribulations or parts of the topic.  You can also create "hooks" or call to actions to make the reader want more and more and increase emotions.

4. "R"  This is the most important part of STAR, the climax, the Ah ha moment of your content.  Many people forget this completely and if you don't do anything focus on results.  You might think of it as the summary or the "punch line" of your blog, the part that everyone wants to get to. 

Don't forget to put all your contact link info. Do a word count, 800-1000 words are the best if your content is in a blog.  If your content is for social media and your content is long link it and be sure to use something like Google Analytics to track it. 

Hope this helps all of you great Chicks you are all STARS to me.   
Love and Hugs!

PS:  This is also a great method to use when interviewing to make sure you completely answer questions and never forget to sell the interviewer on your results.   Practice answering questions making sure you earn a STAR with every question and you will blow away your competition. 

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