Never too old for facials!
Conversations I have with the 50s & 60s years young are: I'm too old to get facials, too late to do anything with my skin now!
I had the greatest pleasure this week giving Mariann, at 91, her very first facial!  We struck up an instant friendship.  She felt at 91 years young, she should start treating herself!  She saids "you can't take it with you"!  She loved the smoothness and the glow of her skin after her facial.
Mariann came back to the spa the next day to show me pictures of her "younger self".  She is a lovely lady.  So very positive with life!  I am forever humbled by Mariann.
This is why I love what I do!
At what age was your first facial?
Debbie Fong Kho
SkinSense Spa, LLC