love-romantic-bath-candlelight-mediumGuest Blogger - Debbie Fong Kho - Humorous Life of a career Esthetician

Humor side - wake up and fall asleep thinking about my business. Extra lucky, wake up middle of night with brilliant ideas! Heart goes peter patter when I exceed monthly goals and when I don't my heart skips beats! During yoga class, spa ideas just pops into my over filled brain - wait teacher hold that pose, I must make a note to myself on my iPhone! Love phone calls when person on the other end asking me "my skin is so bad, how many treatments will I need from you"? Love clients at beginning of facials saying "I have perfect skin, I don't really need facials, everyone tells me my skin is flawless"! Clients' ask: "can you get rid of all my age spots with only one treatment, I am on a tight budget because I will be taking a 2 week cruise tomorrow". No shows...that's a problem, good time to catch up on inventory, filing, restocking, bookkeeping, plan next month's special, call clients, oh it's 3pm missed lunch must eat.

My Real Life of an Esthetician - really do love working one-on-one with all my clients. Love that hours are what I make of it. Millions of minor details involve behind the scenes and during a treatment. I have the best career EVER... make people beautiful. I have the most AMAZING clients, hearing their stories of life and travels. After a long day, my body aches, my brain is mush yet HAPPY I help my clients love their skin! The BEST compliment ever, my first time clients give me a giant hug after their facial, when they fall in love with their skin, again!

unnamed-68Best comments from clients:
I am so happy I've found you.
Don't move, if you do I will follow you anywhere.
You take care of my skin like it was your own.
Do what you want to my skin, I trust you.
I was counting down the days till I see you again.
Tell me what I need for my skin, I will get it all.
What? Facial was 1.5 hours, felt like only 45 minutes.
You're done already? Can I take you home?

Adding to my adventure, keys to new office September 14th, move in October 1st, Open House October 6th 5pm-8pm. Come one, come all!

I would never change my life! Happy toasty Saturday!

Debbie Fong Kho
SkinSense Spa, LLC