Guest Blogger Debbie Fong Kho - Facial Map

Did you know, your face is a map of what is happening to you internally?
When I see chronic acne clients, this chart is my reference to inquire about their internal health. 95% of the times I am spot on that there maybe some imbalance in those areas.
Client I had yesterday, chin area had deep, inflamed acne for the last 6-9 months. Diet was fair, stress a bit high (due to job) and have been busy, exercising wasn't regular. Those were small indications but not enough to the extent of scaring and acne that was present. We chatted a bit more then she mentioned going through menopause this last year. That was the key, her chin area was irritated and inflamed!

Solution: I worked on calming her chin, kept her products very simple and facial massage included more lymph draining so as not to disrupt or increase the irritation on her chin.

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Debbie Fong Kho
SkinSense Spa, LLC