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We’ve all been at one or another in our lives - beginnings and endings, moving on and moving away.  Even Robert Frost immortalized them in his poem, The Road Not Taken.  Which way to go?  What choice to make?  They can seem like weighty questions, but the answers can lead to wonderful and exciting adventures. 

Sometimes, most times, we have to walk awhile on our path before the choices become clear.  We notice things along the way, or meet people that keep us going providing nourishment and encouragement to continue our seeking and discovery.  And then, the sun shines through at just the right moment, when our attention is focused and clear and we KNOW that our direction is true and our destination is close.

Rita was at a decision point in her life.  She had felt unfulfilled for a long time.  Her last child was off to college and her excitement from her job of 25 years had been waning for the last five.  She was asking herself the questions, “How do I want to fill my time now that my children are gone?”  “Is my career over?”  “What else can I do that will get me excited to get up in the morning?”  Powerful questions, indeed!

The journey through these questions can be lonely and everyone could use a companion now and then that will walk part of the way with us.  Supporting, nudging, reflecting back to us our own voiced desires. 

When I met Rita she had been spinning her wheels for six months, immobilized over where to begin seeking her answers.  As we began to talk, together we were able to map out a plan for her next six months that would help her decide which was the path she was going to take.  Each step along the way revealed more and more to her about her own strengths and limiting beliefs. 

Slowly, she was able to find within herself new ways of exerting her influence at her job so that it could feel new and refreshing again.  She became engaged again and found initiatives at work that tapped into her gifts. She was also able to participate in a newly developed mentoring program that “paid it forward” to the next generation in her industry.

With her parenting responsibilities lessened, she used her extra free time to reignite her passion for gardening.  It felt good to her to be able to touch the earth and feel rooted again.  As she looked back she almost couldn’t believe the shift she made and all she was able to accomplish and embrace.  She remarked to me that if she had traveled alone, she wouldn’t have gotten as far.

BEH Head Shot copyI am a crossroads companion.  A certified life and leadership coach that partner with you on your way toward your own success and greatness.  Whether you are just beginning or reaching a finish line, as a steady and dependable confidante I can help you ignite the spark within so you can attain your goal.

And as Frost concludes in his poem and as Rita experienced, it can make all the difference.

Reach out, let’s talk.  You can find me here.

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