I have a dream!  That those who have the desire to travel with safe people can do so. For those that want to see areas in the world that they might not have seen before, that they can go.  I am trying to do something to change that. I have put together an opportunity to for those that have an interest in travel. I have planned a group cruise.  This trip is open to my fellow Chicks Connect members, family and friends.  Although this is not a Chicks Connect sponsored trip, It is a fun way to meet other Awesome Women and Men in our group.

Join me for a 3 Day Cruise along the Pacific Coast on the Star Princess.  Dates are May 9 -12, 2019. Cabin prices start at $471 per person.  Board the beautiful Star Princess in Los Angeles California and spend two days at sea arriving in Vancouver British Columbia.  What does that price include?  The room, all meals, standard beverages and all entertainment on board.  It also includes all transfers, the gratuity and insurance. Added expenses for example would be soda pop/alcohol, Salon services like a massage or spa treatment or gaming in the casino if you choose.

Don’t know who to share a room with? No problem.  My travel agent is making a list of solo travelers and I will work with her to match people up for cabins.  This promises to be a fun, relaxing few days away, getting pampered.

Want to know more?  I have set up a Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/514511542336951/

Or you can contact me through Facebook under Agena Almero or email me at agena.almero@gmail.com or call 503.964.2252.  I am in the Garden City Chicks chapter.

Want to go? All you have to do is contact Shari at Travel Network 503.399. 4799 to make your reservation.  Refer to the group “Agena’s Traveling Chicks”.