Authors Corner - Raeshal Solomon

Book Overview:

On beautiful sunny days, Gale loves nothing more than to walk to the city park with her mother, and see the lovely flowers. When Gale’s mother surprises her with a garden of their own, she makes sure to take good care of the blossoming flowers. It’s what Gale does with her flowers that is not only rewarding for her, but others too. This sweet tale combines the act of giving and saving into a warm-hearted story that goes to show that giving is truly the best gift you can receive.



About the Author:

Raeshal Solomon is a mother, author, speaker, and financial teacher.  She has been writing children’s books for over three years.  Raeshal writes financial literacy children's books that teach lessons like earning, saving, investing, and giving. The books are called My Little Banker and are for children ages 1 to 10. She visits Elementary Schools a few times a month to spread the word of financial literacy. Over time she has learned lots of financial lessons which she shares on her blog site Raeshal Solomon.