The Ultimate Guide to College Safety: How to Protect Yourself From Online & Offline Threats to Your Personal Safety at College & Around Campus

College students and their parents used to worry about getting good grades, finding a job after graduation and whether or not they would be living at home after college. However, in recent years the primary concern has been ensuring that students stay safe at college while they are away from home.

There are many safety challenges facing today's students. This book addresses these topics including bullying & cyber-bullying, alcohol responsibility, credit card and ATM safety, dorm room security, personal boundaries, sexual and physical assault, terrorism, active shooters and personal safety both on and off-campus.

The author is a computer consultant, martial artist, self-defense instructor, university public safety officer and campus security authority, as well as the father of three soon-to-be college students. He has extensively researched the problems facing today's youth, brings awareness to them, and provides comprehensive, realistic solutions for college students who face threats that generations before never did.

In addition to the obvious threats to personal safety, the book contains important information about how to build confidence, maintain the proper attitude, and build various other skills to ensure success both in college and in life. <<<Find the book on Amazon here>>>

About the Author

Pete Canavan has been studying the martial arts for over 20 years, and in that time has trained thousands of men, women and children of all ages in self-defense. He has worked as a university public safety officer and is familiar with many of the safety challenges facing college students as a result of first-hand experience. Pete is also a computer consultant who has run his own information technology business since 1995. His expertise keeps his clients' systems, networks, email and web sites secure from outside threats. Pete's experience with online threats, coupled with his ability to protect against physical, off-line threats, make for a uniquely comprehensive perspective to staying safe no matter where a threat comes from. As the father of three teenage sons, he also brings the perspective of a parent to his writing and teaching. Pete lives with his wife and sons in Pennsylvania.