Chicks on a Field Trip by Patti Caveney

Yesterday the Trail Blazing Chicks of Oregon City (Oregon City is the end of the Oregon Trail, in case you're outside the area and have no idea where the inspiration for our chapter name comes from) along with a couple chicks from Caffeinated Chicks of West Linn went on a tour of the now closed Blue Heron Paper Mill. This property is closed to the public at this time and has been shut down for a number of years (I have that information somewhere, but not right here)...What's interesting and especially enticing about this property is that it abuts the Willamette Falls. Willamette Falls is the 2nd largest water fall in the US (isn't that what she said)...but it's not a fall you can get very close to (typically) because it is used for industrial purposes for over 100 years - paper making and energy for the most part.

The property is in transition from an old woolen and paper mill to new development that will include a public "river walk" access to the waterfalls...phase 1 of this project is expected to begin in about 2 more years...oh my gosh, we heard so many details yesterday....let's just safely say it's a long term project for this area and is very exciting to watch come to fruition. Some day, you'll be coming here to see the falls, mark my words! Here's some pictures of our day.

And here's a funny thing - so you're going to look at these pictures and thing "that's not a very big waterfall" it happens, PGE (the power company on the river) has three "bladders" that hold back the water - and they inflated all three this past weekend (actually, I think she said the 3rd was inflated on Sunday) there's not a lot of water spilling over those falls yesterday...I don't even know why they hold back the water exactly, but there you go. She was excited that we would be able to see the falls this way - that it's not often that you can see the basalt rock behind the falls...I kinda wanted to see more water spilling, but I'm delighted to see it up close any way I can.


Patti Caveney