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September 14, 2017

Comfort for children in the midst of crisis

Silverton, OR, September 14, 2017– Stuffed animals were donated to Silverton Police, Fire and Ambulance services to comfort children during times of crisis. Local organization Silverton Garden Chicks, has been collecting stuffed animals throughout the year to donate them this fall. 

Imagine you are five or seven years old and your world as you know has come crashing down. You are scared, possibly injured or maybe your mom or dad is not there for you. Now imagine that the police officer helping you also gives you a teddy bear that you can hold on to, to hug and help dry your tears. “When my child was taken by ambulance to the hospital, the paramedics gave her a stuffed animal, and it made all the difference in her care and recovery. Her focus shifted to what shall I name it? We still have that stuffed animal, over ten years later.” said chapter member Luanna Diller.

Silverton Garden Chicks is a chapter of Chicks Connect and has members from different ages, backgrounds and life experiences.  Chicks Connect is a movement that is dedicated to inspiring women to grow personally and professionally by connecting, supporting and encouraging one another.

“We focus on Inspiration, Accountability, Love, Fun and Support which are just a few of the many benefits we experience. We are encouraged as a chapter to find a charity to support each year, and this was just a perfect fit for us,” said “Chair Chick” Valerie Lemings.