Hurry and Get your Tickets now! This 2 night retreat in Turner, Oregon will be a blast. Join our Hosts the K-Town Chicks for this fantastic Chicks Connect Inspiration Celebration with the theme - EMBRACE THE JOURNEY!

This event Sponsoring The Youth & Resource Center / Taylor's House

The Draft Agenda is looking good and we have the Breakout speakers selected. Check out the speakers and topics below...

Breakout Session #1

Breakout Session #2

Breakout Session #3

Breakout Session #4

Breakout Session #5

AM Sponsor - Judy McCord

Noon Sponsor - Robyn Mackillop

This Event will be held at: Aldersgate Retreats and Lodges - Fircrest Lodge

7790 Marion Rd. SE
Turner, OR 97392

Breakout Session #1

Leslie Ann Akin

Topic: How to Create & Curate a Facebook Group to change your life

Topic Overview: Based on firsthand experience, I share the journey of developing a Facebook Group that became popular in a niche are (clowns) and considered one that set the tone as to possibilities of hosting a group and the changes that can take place in lives because of it.

Topic Description: This group also changed the way other major clown organizations interacted online. My PowerPoint presentation shows step by step, how I grew the group organically, supported them, honored them and engaged them in meaningful and playful conversations.

During 2018 I sold more of my first book, and compiled a second book based on the groups interest in sharing their most gratifying and challenging experiences as clowns. The book features 32 clowns and their experiences.

Because of the success of this Facebook group and the buzz it created worldwide, I was asked to teach at the World Clown Convention in New Mexico. Then I saw a need for a digital clown magazine, so I created one. Jest For Clowns is subscription based and published 6 times a year.

Creating and curating a Facebook group changed my life in just one year.

Personal Bio: Leslie Ann Akin, Leslie The Brand Boss has designed graphics since 1989 and developed a strong following for her unique style of personal and business branding. Leslie's grasp of design and her ability to understand what her client wants, even if he or she can't verbalize it, is something that comes naturally to her. Through branding, Leslie helps her clients enlarge their business at the same time they enlarge their sense of self and their own capabilities.

Fun Facts:

Chick of the Year 2012, Chicks Connect

15 years as a professional clown, performing twice at The White House under the Carter and Reagan administrations.

12 years as a professional jazz and blues DJ on 2 radio stations in San Francisco.

Carolyn Aegerter

Topic Overview: Help you learn how to simplify your wardrobe. Learn how to identify different parts of your wardrobe. Learn how to identify your style.

Topic Description: In this fun style workshop, I will help you learn how to simplify your wardrobe while looking better than ever! There are great looks buried in your closet, it’s just not always easy to see them. You will learn how to identify the different working parts of your wardrobe. I will show you how to save time and money by using what you already have to create 30 second outfits!

This style workshop will also help you learn how to identify your style so you can shop smart and spend less time choosing what to wear every morning. It’s as simple as 1-2-3-

Personal Bio: I have been a personal jeweler for Premier Designs for over three years, expanding my business to closet consults and wardrobe workshops. I am a wife, mother of 7, grandmother of 31 and great grandmother of 11, soon to be 13. I live in Boring, Oregon.

Patti Caveney

Topic: Creating your cash flow blueprint

Topic Overview: Empowering participants to take control of their cash flow in a way that supports their desires and goals. Defining financial goals, refining future hopes and expectations by thinking through the financial component. Integrating their business and personal finances.

Topic Description: Beginning from the perspective of a traditional budget – what it is, how it is followed, the negative connotation often associated with the drudgery of creating a budget and following one. Does a budget have to mean lack, constraint, and cheap? Or can it be a tool to set you free? Can it make decisions easy to make? Can it support and reward your life’s work? I think it can. Let’s talk about how to create that cash flow blueprint in a way aligns your soul with your money.

Personal Bio: Since I was in high school, I have been aware that finances and numbers, especially numbers with a story, fascinate and excite me. I went on to get my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from California State University, Chico. From there I worked in personal finance until the high tech software bug of the late 90’s bit me. I also complete an MBA program during this time.

Three years ago, I found my way back to my first love. I untangle the ideas people have about their money story and help them look at it from a new perspective.

Breakout Session #2

Ali Davidson

Topic: The Art of Feminine Presence 

Topic Overview: A talk about how to awaken your impact, inspire change, and attract the relationships and abundance that you want into your life.

Topic Description: When we step into our essence and live in our presence we access the most powerful, attractive, and magnetic part of ourselves.  I will be teaching some of the practices that allow us to do this.

Personal Bio: Ali Davidson has been referred to as a life transforming coach, author and dynamic presenter. As the CEO of Ali Davidson Life Academy, she draws from her extensive experience as a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Hypnotherapist, Coach and Counselor to integrate strategies that guide her clients to live an extraordinary life both personally and professionally. Ali’s work with individuals, couples, families, and business owners, have empowered embrace their greatness and live full out. Ali is an entertaining and engaging speaker and inspires people to connect to their full potential.

Marcia Merrill

Marcia Merrill_pic

Topic: Dealing with Life’s Challenges and coming Out Triumphant 

Topic Overview: Life can throw you unexpected even, unwanted challenges. Health, catastrophic illness, sudden widowhood... 

Topic Description: More about tasks in Bereavement rather than stages and how to use this framework to deal with grief be it for health or actual loss of spouse. 

Personal Bio: Marcia is an expert on Life Transitions and coached hundreds of clients.  Dealing with her recent widowhood, she knows about both of her spouse but also her health status.  She hold 2 Masters in Counseling Psych and Education and is author of Turning Midlife into the Right and 3 International Best Selling Author for various compilation books.  Her upcoming book on the Transion from 24/7 Caregiver to recent Widow out in April 2019.


Nancy Dunis

Topic: Using stories to promote and strengthen your Brand, Product, Service.

Topic Overview: Do you have a compelling reason to be in business? Of course you do. You can benefit from using storytelling to insert personality into your marketing, help consumers connect with your company’s products and services. Effective story-telling tactics that work. 

Topic Description: Storytelling ideas that work -

  1. Tell your customers’ stories: how to create a testimonial that tells a

successful customer story that demonstrates a need the customer had, shows how the company met the need, and how the customer’s life changed. Example:  Trader Joe’s Grocery Flyer.

  1. Tell employees’ stories: employees are a fundamental part of who you are as a business. Showcase their achievements and hero them as ambassadors for your business by telling their stories. Focusing on their stories, communicates the values and culture of your business to customers who will connect with you company on an emotional level.


Tell your personal story: what motivated you to go into business? Start   a business? What have been some of the challenges? Successes? Advice? 

Tell company history:  This could be a behind-the-scenes story such as

company that produces a food product or clothing. A video series could be done showcasing the factory / production employees who are the backbone of your business. Example:  Dilettente Chocolates 

Personal Bio: Nancy Dunis has been a business owner since 1980 when she founded Dunis & Associates an event planning company based in Lake Oswego. She has been featured in INC magazine; been on the front page of the Portland Business Journal; was nominated for business woman of the year in 1988; served as a business consultant at Clackamas Community College in the Small Business Development Center and has served on various boards such as Salvation Army, Lakewood Center For The Arts, Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation, West Linn Historical Society.

Although she sold the event planning business, Nancy as remained active in business community. Recently, she morphed Dunis and Associates into a "storytelling" business based on her passion for connecting historical dots – the past…to the present…to the future. But this is not a "once-upon- a-time" kind of storytelling . This is telling and using stories, to sell your product or service. Says Dunis, "using historical stories in business increases and strengthens brand awareness and sets you apart from the competition."

Dunis’ interest in wanting to make "history come alive" led to her to develop a speaking program entitled NancyTalks. She also writes history columns for the Lake Oswego Review and West Linn Tidings. This passion for history led her to develop the idea of using history as a marketing tool. Research proved that she was onto something. Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, and Apple all use storytelling extensively to build their brands.

Using history as a sales tool is not a new idea; but certainly, one that isn’t talked about much or promoted. Nancy intends to change that. Hear what she has to say about how you can use "stories" to promote and strengthen your brand.



Breakout Session #3

Kayla Viramontes


Topic: The Importance of a Solid Marketing Plan & Kick-Butt Strategy! 

Topic Overview: Having a clear goal, a solid marketing plan and a kick-butt strategy will set a business up for success. You must concrete your foundational pieces and build from them to have successful marketing efforts and an increase in sales. 

Topic Description: It's easy to go full throttle, spending time and money on multiple platforms. However, decisions made without a full understanding of your brand, positioning, and target market can lead you straight down the road to frustration. We will discuss multiple strategies that could work for your business, as well as nailing down the foundations of your marketing. 

Personal Bio: Hello! I specialize in great design, compelling marketing, and high-quality printing; all of which are crucial to a brand’s success! I help my clients foster their brand and create eye-catching marketing through print and digital media. From the very first piece of marketing I ever created I was hooked. Design is an obsession for me. The way that we can create emotion, drama, love, loyalty... all through design is absolutely thrilling. I have been in the print industry for nearly 12 years, I work with clients of all sizes from the very first design concept to the final piece.

I have a super handsome, cool, and supportive husband and a beautiful little boy. We live in Gresham, Oregon, enjoy playing with our pups and all the Northwest has to offer!

Tamia Dow

TAmia dow pic

Topic: We Are Our Sister’s Keeper

Overview: "Why Should I Care? " the movie.

I will show a video I created to increase awareness about violence against women and how it affects everyone.

Have you or someone you know been the victim of domestic abuse, sex trafficking, or sexual abuse?

There is help for all parties: Victim, Abuser, Witnesses .

Topic Description: My session will arm participant with the knowledge to keep themselves and their loved ones safe when faced with violence and abuse in their life.

What goes on behind closed doors must be exposed and prevented by educating ourselves and our family in how to deal with the taboo subject of domestic abuse.

Tiny eyes, hearts and minds -

They do what you do not what you say. They're watching adults ignore or accept violence and it teaches them. What do you really want to teach our young men and women? 

Personal Bio: Tamia is a graduate from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with BA in Criminal Justice, a veteran of the US Army, and a retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detective. She an award-wining international best-selling author and Faith Based Filmmaker.

She is the compiler of the "Faith Is", the “Jesus Is " and the "Love Is " book anthology series which showcase Stories from Las Vegas Chaplains".

Her passion is empowering and educating people to live a life free from oppression and to live their life to their fullest calling.

She conducts training in personal safety and does community outreach with businesses providing personal and business development training and book coaching.


Mariah Clark

Topic: Embrace YOUR Journey 

Topic Overview: Every woman’s journey to discover her body and sexuality is unique. Societal pressures tend to stifle the expression and celebration of the female body and sexuality. Through this workshop, I hope to help women embrace their unique journey to discover and explore their own sexuality. 

Topic Description: The first part of my presentation will focus on an anatomy lesson with a handmade vulva puppet. I will explain the different parts of female anatomy involved in sexual experiences and how all the parts are interconnected. I will also describe how desire and sexual satisfaction are related to specific parts of our female anatomy.

The middle part of my presentation will focus on different kinds of stimulation women can enjoy. I will speak about the different kinds of orgasms women can experience and what kinds of stimulation can lead to each.

The final part of my presentation will focus on bedroom accessories and some general information about their use. I will also give tips on how to introduce bedroom accessories into a relationship and cover which kinds are best suited for each kind of stimulation.

PLEASE NOTE: The presentation will NOT include person-to-person contact. I will NOT be demonstrating any methods of stimulation with anything other than the vulva puppet.

Personal Bio: As a sexual wellness advocate, Mariah conducts sexual wellness workshops and consultations with individuals and couples to share information that helps raise awareness about different sexual wellness issues. Mariah’s events also help empower each woman to find the perfect tools to enhance her relationship with herself and her partner both in and out of the bedroom. Empowering women to rediscover their bodies and sexuality is what fulfills Mariah. Helping women change their lives and enhance their relationships brings her so much joy and excitement and feeds her passion for education and empowerment.

Mariah graduated with her Masters in Teaching in May 2010. At the same time, she became a sexual wellness advocate partnering with Pure Romance products. Mariah spent a few years dabbling in teaching and holding Pure Romance parties part-time. In 2012, Mariah’s business became the only income for her family and she turned it into a full-time income over just a few months. Since then, Mariah has spent countless hours with thousands of women helping to empower them about their bodies and sexuality. Mariah loves helping couples stay together and happy, and helping all women be informed and knowledgeable. Mariah carries on the passion she has for teaching with each and every woman she works with. Being able to pass along the sexual wellness knowledge gained through her training is what continues to fuel Mariah’s passion for her calling.

Breakout Session #4

Kyda Dodson


Topic: Instant Celebrations: Rewarding and Recognition Tips for Employees, Volunteers and Team Members 

Topic Overview: I’ve prepared tips and ideas to use in your own niche to reward and recognize the important people in your life! 

Topic Description: How do you show your appreciation to your employees when you don’t have a lot of time or budget? Join me as we explore creative and thoughtful ways to let the people you work with know how much you appreciate them! (And who knows... maybe some of the ideas will spill over into your personal life to benefit family and friends!).

Many of us dream of that "Employee of the Year" trophy or being awarded a trip to Tahiti, but what if you have a small staff and "Employee of the Year" also translates into "Only Employee of the Year"? And Tahiti... forget about it!

Here are just a few of the topics we will discuss that could make a huge difference in recognizing and thanking the people that work for (or with) you:

  • Be Intentional with everyday conversations
  • Ways to make room for fun
  • Ideas for team incentives and how can you make it work in your situation

Learn the two most important words in the English language for maintaining work (and personal) relationships!

And -- takeaway a list of at least 10 "thank you" gestures that are meaningful but cost little or no money!  Personal Bio: My goal in life is to enrich lives and build long term relationships while having a lot of fun!

Personal Bio: As a recreation major at the University of Oregon I studied the importance of leisure activities and honed my natural leadership and organizational skills. I spent over 15 years working at the most disadvantaged school in the state of Oregon. Working on multiple strategies with the rest of the staff we were very proud to also have at or above average test scores. We also had over 300 volunteers serving over 10,000 hours per year. It took a lot of creativity to keep staff and volunteers motivated and moral high. I’ve prepared tips and ideas to use in your own niche to reward and recognize the important people in your life!

Fran McCully

Topic: Money Mindset Mastery Mantra 

Topic Overview: Are you ready to get rid of unconscious money blocks and start fresh on a path of creating freedom, independence and a healthy relationship with money?

 When it comes to money, sooner or later there’s a wake-up call that happens for each of us. Why? Because if money blocks like these have taken control of your life, it’s time to do something. 

Topic Description: If money blocks have taken control of your life, it’s time to do something:

  • Being too busy or out of time to figure out how to take your income to a new level
  • Feeling as if there is an invisible glass money ceiling keeping you from achieving success
  • Avoiding looking at your bank account or ‘dealing with money’
  • Making "just enough" to get by, no matter how successfully your career or your business is going
  • Feeling resentment about wealthy people, believing their focus on money is unhealthy
  • Undercharging in your business but you can’t see how you could charge more
  • Fearing you’ll have to work harder to make more, which keeps you stuck where you are
  • Often being tapped by family or friends when they need money (and feeling guilty if you can’t always help them out)
  • Yearning to make more money but afraid it might change who you are
  • Stressed out by the endless squabbles you and your spouse/partner have about money
  • Holding back from investing in ways to help your business or career flourish
  • Being secretive about money as a way of feeling safe and in control

You CAN get rid of unconscious money blocks and press reset on a fresh money story, starting today? Here’s how …

Within you is a unique "money code" called your Sacred Money Archetypes®. Once you discover what YOUR money archetypes are, it will feel as if all the puzzle pieces of your life easily fall into place:

  • You understand what makes you tick when it comes to money (freeing you from negative self –judgment)
  • You discover what your 3 core money strengths are (and how to use them to make more money in your business or career
  • You’re free to make decisions from a place of empowerment, not fear (the freeing quality of relief that you’ll feel will immediately open new opportunities for you)
  • You no longer fall prey to unconscious sabotaging behavior (it’s a blessing to be in control of your life in this way, authentically and easily)
  • You know what to do and what to say when someone you care about is "pushing your money boundaries"
  • You feel confident and ready to make new decisions about your business (or career) that will take your income to a new level
  • Those stressful squabbles with your loved ones about money? Gone, because now you have the understanding and tools to come from your highest, best self

This is why I created the Sacred Money Archetypes® Coaching

If you’re ready to get rid of unconscious money blocks and press reset on a fresh money story…one that helps you finally feel that you are whole, aligned and on purpose with money.

As A Result Of Sacred Money Archetypes: You can make decisions easer. You can be more positive. You can feel a surge in your self-worth. And you can see an increase in your income or salary.

You’ll know how to have open-hearted and productive money conversations.

You can have more money for the people, experiences and goodies you want in your life.

You can have more to give because you’ll know what to say yes to, and what to say no to.

You can feel empowered to make new choices that make you happier.

Here’s a sampling of the modules I’ll personally coach you

through in this proven program…


Personal Bio: Fran McCully is the founder of QuickBooks and Business Consulting which was has recently become Fran McCully Bookkeeping and Consulting. She offers QuickBooks services, Training in QuickBooks, bookkeeping, Bill Paying, CFO Services, to owners of small businesses, including solopreneurs, in Idaho, Washington, Oregon and throughout the US. With 35 years of combined experience in executive administration, finance, and budgeting, Fran’s passion lies in helping her clients improve their financial reporting, cash flow, and profitability.

Tita Luisa Fretag

Proposed Topic: The Power of a Decision

Topic Overview: Hind-sight is 20-20, as they say. Looking back on the lives of a few women I’ve known (as well as my own) has provided many valuable life lessons on how a decision can change a person’s trajectory.

Topic Description: All the sayings we have heard many times, in various ways that encourage us to live life to the fullest are great, but how do we actually DO that?  Some may have no problem catching that wave, while others may struggle with finding the path to that proverbial "full, rewarding life" they keep hearing about and long for.

My goal for this Breakout Session is to encourage women to be bold in their decision-making process.  That it’s OK to feel fearful…that does not need to stop us from making a decision.  I will use real-life stories of my own and others to bring a message to the heart: We really CAN change our course and change our stars!

Personal Bio: Tita Luisa Freytag is, like many women, a wearer of many hats.  Mom; Wife; Daughter; Sister; Entrepreneur; Singer/Songwriter; Networker; Brave Warrior; Child inside a Grown-ups body still wanting to make life one big recess!

She’s accomplished many things in her business life and received recognition. While fun and rewarding, most important to her is to know that she has positively impacted someone’s life.  Whether the words in one of her songs touched someone or the support she has given allows another to create the life that they’ve always dreamed of, the hope is to add value.

"I am on a constant mission of self-improvement.  As true for everyone as it is for me, I know that being the best version of myself will create the biggest positive impact on everyone I encounter in this amazing adventure called Life!"

Breakout Session #5

Michele Duncan King


Topic: 3 Super Effective Happiness Tools

Topic Overview: Life doesn’t have to be hard! Michele will share 3 tools that she uses to foster more peace, awareness, and delight to every day.

Topic Description: Happiness is available to us when we consider choosing less rather than more, looking at life through "essence" versus "form." What would your "owner’s manual" look like if you were to start writing one about yourself? Do your loved ones know your stressors and soothers? And we’ll wrap up by learning the ONE WORD that has the highest potential for being a joy-builder for yourself and for others!

Personal Bio: Michele Duncan King is the owner of Essential Being Coaching. As a personal development coach, Michele’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that joy is more easily available to us when we honor our true authentic self. Michele is also a massage therapist and yoga teacher at Sea Spell Massage located in beautiful Cannon Beach, Oregon. She has worked with and treated hundreds of people in her practice and served as a mentor in support of women's personal development over the past two decades. Michele is a dynamic co-creator, teacher, and presenter who loves to inspire people.

Lynne Marks

Topic: Be Your Own Hero 

Topic Overview: Do you need a hero in your life?  If so, grab a mirror and take a good look at your own reflection. Embrace your journey and realize that YOU can be your own hero!

Topic Description: All too often we look to others for acceptance and self-worth. We don’t stop and take stock of all the things we’ve personally accomplished. Big things. Little things. All the things that make us who we are. We can take those things and use them to change our lives and make a difference in others’ lives as well. We can become our own heroes.

Is it an easy one-step process? No, it’s a life-long journey. It’s a process of learning who you are, deciding what you want to accomplish and achieve. It’s having dreams – both big and small. It’s learning how to set goals in order to achieve those dreams.  It’s learning how to be your own hero – one day at a time. Why not start that journey today?

In this session we’ll look at making our journeys count: how to dream big, set and achieve tangible goals, give back, and truly be our own heroes.

Personal Bio: Lynne Marks is a lifelong learner, a retired educator, and an entrepreneur who is dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about empowering others to dream BIG and achieve those dreams.  Lynne uses her life experiences to give back to her community while she builds her business and makes a difference in others’ lives. Lynne resides in Salem, Oregon, with her husband and extended family.

Pam McLellan

Proposed Topic: Blame it on your subconscious — Then change it!

Topic Overview: We can change our results by re-writing our subconscious programs from disempowering or limiting beliefs into empowering ones. When that is done, the blocks are removed so we can move into action to achieve our goals.  Learn how we can bring our subconscious and conscious mind into alignment, so they are supportive of our goals, abundance and happiness.

Topic Description: The goal is to give a practical understanding of how our conscious and subconscious minds interact and how we can bring them into alignment.  I discuss various modalities (affirmations, afformations, visioning, creative workshop, EFT, etc.) and describe how PSYCH-K offers another solution.

Behind persistent challenges are beliefs that often form insurmountable barriers to our goals. Procrastination, perfectionism, fear, self-judgement, guilt, trauma, or a history of not achieving play a big part in our business and personal success.

We can change our history by re-writing our subconscious programming from disempowering and limiting beliefs into empowerment. Once the barriers are disconnected, the blocks are removed so we can move into action and joyful abundance.  We can bring our subconscious and conscious mind into alignment, so they are supportive with our goals and happiness.

In addition to personal examples I’ll show the group how to create a whole -brain state which can enhance their productivity, creativity and lessen stress.

Personal Bio: I specialize in working with women who want to break through barriers which block their success in business, financial goals, relationships and health.  I’m a PSYCH-K Master Facilitator, Certified Life Coach and successful Network Marketer.

I’ve had my own journey of overcoming low self-esteem, guilt and the long-term effects of trauma.  After regaining my health, I jumped into self-development with an unquenchable hunger. I tried almost everything and took all the seminars, read the books and followed directions to a T.  When I discovered something that created meaningful change that had measurable results, I went all-in.  Everything changed!

Personal details? I live in a tiny house on wheels in Eugene with two active cats and have become an expert at living happily as a mindful minimalist.  Living close to nature enables me to hike, kayak, garden, soak up earth energy and take adventurous solo road trips.  I’m having the best years of my life!

Draft Agenda 2019


8 – 9 Registration/Breakfast/Networking

Welcome Jewels Muller

9:35 – 10 Emcee Cindy Goff – Table Hostess Intros – Vote

10 – 10:30 Chapter Activity

10:30 – 11 Morning Sponsor (Open)

11 – 11:15 Break

11:15 – 11:30 Charity Presentation (HOME/TAYLOR HOUSE)

11:30 – 11:35 Transition

11:35 – 12:05 Breakout Session #1 (Leslie, Patti, Carolyn)

12:05 – 1 Lunch Buffet

1 – 1:30 Chapter Activity

1:30 – 2:15 Afternoon Sponsor – Dr. Robyn MacKillop

2:15 – 2:30 Break

2:30 – 3 Breakout Speakers Session #2 (Nancy, Marcia, Ali)

3 – 3:30 Break and Networking

3:30 – 4:10 Chapter Activity

4:10 – 4:15 Transition

4:15 – 4:45 Breakout Speakers Session #3(Kayla, Tamia, Mariah)

4:45 – 5:00 Break

5:00 – 5:30 Emcee Cindy Goff Presentation

5:30 – 6:30 Dinner, Table Talk, ASK

6:30 – 7:30 Evening Sponsor (Open)

7:30 – 10 Party



8:30 – 9:30 Registration, Breakfast, Networking

Welcome Jewels Muller

9:30 – 10 Emcee Cindy Goff/Jewels Muller – Icebreaker

10 -10:30 Morning Sponsor Judy McCord

10:30 – 10:45 Break

10:45 – 11:15 – Breakout Speakers Session #4 (Kyda, Fran, Tita)

11:15 – 11:30 Break

11:30 – 12 Breakout Speakers Session #5 (Michele, Lynne, Pam)

12 – 1 Lunch Buffet

1 – 1:30 Group Activity

1:30 – 1:45 Break

1:45 – 2:30 – Sponsor (Open)

2:30 – 3:30 – Raffle

3:30 – 4:00 Closing Ceremony

4:00 - PHOTO

4:30 – 5 Clean Up