Chicks Connect Inspiration Celebration Embrace the Journey 2019

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A Chicks Connect Inspiration Celebration, also known as "CCIC", is an event for members and guests where we connect in growth, love, fun and celebration. Amazing breakout speakers will teach us new and exciting information for personal and professional growth and development. Swag Bags, Table Decorations, and Raffle items add to the fun of the event. New friendships are made, Big and Little Sisters have time to connect, Women are celebrated with awards, and we all learn and grow together. Expand your network of supportive friends by attending the Chicks Connect Inspiration Celebration.

We have a fantastic Breakout Speaker lineup! Check out their topic summaries, bios, and even some introduction videos on our website.
Aldersgate Retreat Center ~ Turner, Oregon 2-Night Retreat. Meals and Accommodations Included in Ticket Price. Members Only 50% off with special Discount Code: CCICkeizer Purchase your tickets here <<<Purchase Tickets Now>>>

Chicks Connect Inspiration Celebration 2019

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