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Aging Advisors PDX - Joyce Sjoberg

When Joyce Sjoberg, Founder of Aging Advisors, discovered care management, it provided answers and a better way to help older adults and their families navigate the challenges that often come with aging. In 2010, Aging Advisors was born, an Aging Life Care™ consulting and care management agency. We strive to bring peace of mind to families by both directly improving the quality of life for aging family members and by providing consultation and coaching services for their families. This is never an easy or clear time so let us be your partners during this journey and help you steer the ship by providing you with expert insights and professional recommendations.

Setup any one of the following services with us and take control of your future or that of your parents - we’re here to help:

Professional Care Management
Family Care
In-Home Assessments
Elder Care Services at Home
Delegation (Non-licensed Caregivers administering medication)


Phone: 503.953.5827