Weight Loss Solutions: Higher Minded Eating with Concentrated Food Sources. Beyond the Era of Lose Weight Fast Pills and Fad Diets.

Shannon_Before_And_After_Final_CroppedWeight-Loss Solutions is a synthesis of three experts’ individual quests. The book integrates over seventy-five years’ worth of experience in weight loss and nutrition. Joe Gary has extensive hands-on experience from work in alternative healing centers, Margaret Schlesinger brings her experience in coaching clients in lifestyle change, and Shannon Avana contributes her expertise in how the mind works.

The authors successfully combine intellect, emotional understanding, and body. These are generally held as separate pieces, but each discipline taken individually fails to consider the whole being.

Weight-Loss Solutions is an integrated system, which is why this program is so uniquely successful. Other programs focus on eating appropriately but ignore the psychological causes of weight gain. Addressing the entire person is the secret to successful and sustainable weight loss.

About the Authors:

Margaret Schlesinger:  COO of Weight Loss Solutions


11070999_10203471674384141_2006566380130954617_nMargarets  Bio:

Margaret Schlesinger is a renowned transformational, holistic teacher, and coach. Margaret has twenty-five years of experience coaching clients in lifestyle change, healthy weight loss, and managing the challenges of ADHD. Margaret’s clients learn to activate their own internal guidance system and take control of their lives. Margaret is a keynote speaker on the topics of weight loss and leadership who provides audiences with both intellectual and visceral understanding. She works privately and in workshop settings with leaders in business, education, entertainment, and politics.

Shannon Avana: CEO of Weight Loss Solutions



10422007_10153134209553126_4844554657736405365_nShannons Bio:

Shannon Avana is an entrepreneur and an author and is passionate about helping others. She is creative, honest, strategic, and a great problem solver.

Shannon earned a double major in business and economics with honors and holds a CPCC certification from the Coaches Training Institute.  She provides business coaching with a specialization in anxiety and depression.

As a writer, Shannon shares her expertise regarding the human mind to deliver the leading edge information in weight loss in an understandable and enjoyable way.

Weight Loss Solutions: Higher Minded Eating with Concentrated Food Sources. Beyond the Era of Lose Weight Fast Pills and Fad Diets.