Book Summary - 10 Ways To Speak Your Truth Without Losing Love in Your Life

Author Susan J. D'Amico shares her personal experience of her past marriage of 33 years. In her last 6 years of marriage Susan shares how she overcame living in a toxic relationship with a controlling and mentally abusive partner. In this book she shares the 10 ways of how she started speaking her truth and got there without losing love in her life.

Susan knew that she never wanted to repeat this experience again. She began to go within to seek answers to her desires. She was so aware of the resistance and barriers in her past marriage and learned to let go of the things holding her back from experiencing love and speaking her truth.

Susan had a desire to know what love is and what it felt like. In this book she shares the keys to help you move forward in self love, self care and romancing your heart and soul, to help you speak your truth and create love in your life. Susan explains how she romanced her heart and soul and shares the importance of self love and following her Divine guidance, intuition, connecting with God and her angels with her heart and soul.

Susan finally created love in her life and is happily living her truth. She is a certified Law Of Attraction and Relationship coach. If you would love to know more about Susan and how to create the love you want, contact her at

From The Author

I wrote this book to help those that may be struggling in toxic relationships and feel trapped. My hope is that this will inspire you to take the actions you need to take in your life, moving you forward to live your dreams and life's purpose.

This book will help teach you how to maintain your well being while living in a toxic relationship if that is your choice. Sometimes separation and divorce becomes necessary down the road but if you can learn to love yourself and your partner unconditionally while staying in the relationship, you will come to a place of freedom to make the choice, do I stay or do I go.

There are so many things to consider when making life changing decisions. Children may be involved, support, property and personal belongings, being able to take care of yourself and so on. When we become so dependent on someone else to take care of us it makes it even more challenging trying to figure out how we will take care of ourselves.

We all deserve love and to be loved but not at the price of giving up your independence and freedom. Sometimes we lose ourselves and forget who we are. It is important that you maintain your identity and self worth. Learn to speak you truth without losing love in your life. Being your authentic self and fulfilling your life's purpose. Romance begins with you and your relationship with yourself by aligning with love.

With Love & Gratitude,

Susan J. D'Amico

Meet Susan, The Relationship Love Coach

Susan J. D'Amico is a Certified Intuitive Sacred Love & Relationship Coach, Soul Mate Coach and is Certified in Law Of Attraction, Author. Her passion extends in all areas of Relationships. Romance begins with you and your relationship with yourself. Susan helps individuals and couples prepare and align on their path to love in their current, new relationships and their life partner.

Susan is an expert in her field helping and guiding women, men and couples to see their inner light and beauty. She will help to cultivate love within yourself. Self love is the first foundation in creating and attracting love in your life. Susan works with couples that want to bring sacred love into their relationships. Learning to follow your intuition will help facilitate your unique authenticity.

Susan helps individuals get ready to create and attract their powerful aligned life partner. She guides them towards their alignment to love for a loving sacred relationship and connection. She is a really good listener so that she can hear what her clients are saying that are blocking them from their desires. She makes them aware of where they are and she gives her clients a starting point to start the creating and attracting love.

Her joy comes from seeing her clients live their life in love, and in their relationships. She loves seeing how her work really helps her clients transform themselves and their life.
Susan is an author of her e-book titled, "10 Ways to Speak Your Truth Without Losing Love In Your Life". There are useful tips and tools that are helpful in strengthening your heart and soul to overcome any challenge you may be experiencing. She shares her ways of how to communicate that is loving and nurturing.
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