A Fool’s Guide to Clowning

Whether you’re the class clown playing for laughs or a lover of creating a wacky, foolish persona that makes people laugh, there’s always room for one more trick up your sleeve.

A Fool’s Guide to Clowning is the ultimate book for clowning around, featuring slapstick pranks and rib-tickling knee-slappers to amuse and entertain people of all ages.

Written by Leslie Ann Akin who hung up her oversize clown shoes as Flower T. Clown after many years as a professional clown. This 22- chapter book pulls all the punches and makes all the merry-making happen right in front of your mirth-filled eyes.

• Discover a world of clowning that goes far beyond the Big Top

• Learn the tricks of the trade and how to avoid the tears of a clown

• Perfect your clowning routines for different situations and events

Akin has taught at Clown Camp, performed under the Big Top, and twice at The White House. Her dynamic presentation of classic routines juggled with sage professional advice and insight makes this the must-have, definitive book of clowning for years to come for fools worldwide. Order A Fool’s Guide to Clowning today and enjoy an entertaining how-to-guide to clowns and clowning.

This is the perfect book for clowns or any comedic-family-style-entertainers and makes for a splendid gift. You can order the book at www.AFoolsGuideToClowning.com, or amazon, published by Global Touch Publishing.

A Fool’s Guide to Clowning ChaptersForeward, Introduction, Wacky One-Liners, Ring-A-Ding-Ding, Tiny Knee-slappers, Colossal Knee-slappers, Whopping Warm-ups, Nitty-Gritty of Birthday Parties, Mirthdays are for Laughing, (Next 4 chapters are high-impact, easy comedy magic routines) Hanky Panky Where's My Hanky?, Mr. Party Animal, Comedy Magic with Peanuts, Vanilla the Wondiferous Wonder Bunny. Picnics with Pizazz, Clowns Taste Funny, Would You Like a Side of Clown with That Pizza?, Anatomy of a Hospital Clown, Clown Control at The White House, The Sole of a Clown, Tune-up Time for Touring, A Spectacle of Big Top Escapades, Circus Slanguage, Clown Resources, BONUS: The Performer's Guide to Smart Business.

About the Author, Leslie Ann Akin

Leslie Ann Akin also known as Flower T. Clown, appeared under the Big Top with Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros., Hoxie Bros., and All-American Circuses. In addition to Leslie's busy performing schedule, she was a long time featured columnist for Laugh-Makers Magazine.
Leslie was the recipient of the coveted EMMETT AWARD [Emmett Kelly, Sr.] for her contributions to the circus and clowning. Leslie taught sessions at Clown Camp and her vast performing experience encompassed charities, foreign embassies and fairs.
After a long and successful career in clowning, Leslie still has a love and passion for sharing her experiences by teaching clown skills. Always a dynamic speaker and mentor, Leslie offers a variety of high-energy classes sure to inspire family entertainers to play larger than life, be an original and make 'em laugh. Her book, A Fool's Guide to Clowning is available on amazon and www.AFoolsGuideToClowning.com.
Since 1989 Leslie has enjoyed serving her clients as an award-winning brand specialist and graphic designer at www.LeslieTheBrandBoss.com. Email LeslieTheBrandBoss@gmail.com.