Authors Corner - Jylene Morgan

Story Summary for BUMMER
I stood on my tiptoes and peeked in the window. At first all I could see was Dad kneeling in the middle of the shed looking into the corner. Then something moved. I focused on the movement. I sucked in my breath in astonishment and loudly whispered, “WHAT! That is a baby bighorn sheep!”
This is the story about the first day of that long and exciting summer with Bummer, Our Pet Big Horn Sheep.

Story Summary for There Was a MOOSE on Clifford Street
A Little girl named Hailey is supposed to share during circle time at school. She has not been able to find anything or think of anything to share. Hailey and her family get in the car to go to school and find our there is a moose at the top of their street. They watch as the moose runs around the parking lot at the top of their street. The police arrive and the moose challenges the police. Then they go on to school and to circle time.

Author Biography

All my life and Career, I have had an emphasis on literature and especially children’s literature because that is where my love lies.

I have a Bachelor degree in elementary education with a minor in library science from Utah State University and a Masters degree and administrative degree from Idaho State University.

My teaching experience was in first through eighth grades, elementary librarian, and district reading coordinator.

I then became team leader for The Idaho State University Teacher Corps. I supervised interns studying to be teachers. I also served as the Blackfoot School District representative with the State of Idaho Right to read Program.

I was Principal of three different elementary schools. I also was the director over all of the Blackfoot District Elementary Libraries.

I taught a Creative Writing Class at Brigham Young University during the summers for about 10 years. I published a short story entitled” Lambo: Our Pet Bighorn Sheep in the Cricket Magazine, June 1984.

I am now retired and I love my retirement. I live in California in the winter and Idaho in the summer.

I have four children, fifteen grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren, with more on the way. I love big family reunions, travel and any other excuse to get together with my family.