Authors Corner Dr. Nancy Gretzinger - Enmeshed

Amazon Best Seller Day 3/28/18 Kindle $1.99 Please purchase and help me become a #1 Amazon Bestseller When Nancy Gretzinger decided to have elective surgery to treat her mild incontinence, she made the worse decision of her life. She thought the operation to insert a mesh sling to hold up her urethra and prevent her bladder from leaking would be simple after having had two spinal cord surgeries. After 8 surgeries, countless procedures and medications, she no longer has a urethra. She also had terrible reactions to Cipro, which was used before, during and after all her surgeries for preventative measures and to treat her series of UTIs. She wrote this book to share her experiences with other women who are suffering from complications after having had mesh surgery or from taking Cipro. Nancy’s goal is to provide further insights, tips on comfortable living, and practical advice on living with a chronic illness while staying hopeful. Enmeshed offers essential information and advice for women on: • Types of incontinence and alternatives • Red flags about vaginal mesh • Making sense of the mesh mess • Why Cipro is a time bomb for minor infections • History of mesh and Cipro Dr. Nancy Gretzinger, Ed. D, is a retired educator who has 43 years of experience serving children in urban, rural and inner-city areas in the classroom, building and district level in general and special education. She has also taught university classes. Nancy has published two other books, is a CASA volunteer and recently trained to be a Parent Surrogate. She and her daughter live in Arizona.