Authors Corner Dr. Kim Metcalfe Ph.D. Let's Build ExtraOrdinary Youth Together

I wrote a book, Let’s Build Extraordinary Youth Together, to honor my late daughter Abbey. I also received 501 3 c status for the non-profit in her name “Abbey’s Purple Winged Angels” please visit us at

The non-profit provides workshops to foster youth and foster parents. I developed The Positive Youth Guidance System based on grounded research. The System is for adults who work with at-risk-youth. Adults are provided 12 practical strategies to use in everyday situations that cause a shift within youth. The strategies provide learning opportunities that youth do not get in school, work, or foster care, and help youth answer the 3 most significant questions of their lives:

Who am I?
What is my purpose?
Where do I belong?

Successfully answering these questions moves young people into meaningful, productive, joyful lives.

Benefits of Using The Positive Youth Guidance System:

Skills developed within youth:


Youth Build Positive self-perception:

Positive Self-image
Positive self-esteem

Skills and positive self-perception influence more positive optimistic thinking allowing youth to set goals and take the steps to reach goals.

Aligning natural talents and interests with long term goals for vocations that help youth become self-sufficient build within youth perseverance and grit to overcome challenges and problems, making it more likely that youth live the lives they were born to live!

I hope you share the info with those looking for solutions.

Thank you,

Kim C. Metcalfe

What Really Determines the Quality of a Young Person’s Life?

Why do some young people struggle to become adults, while others seem destined to succeed? Why do some kids have tremendous self-awareness, common sense, and self-control while others seem ruled by their emotions?
Most importantly, how much of a difference can one adult really make?
After losing her 21 year-old daughter, Abbey, to suicide, Dr. Kim Metcalfe was determined to discover the answers to these questions. After years of rigorous research and practical application as a developmental scientist and psychologist, Dr. Metcalfe discovered the single developmental dynamic that permanently shapes the quality of a young person’s life.
In the first chapter of this book, you’ll witness the shockingly honest and eye-opening analysis of why some youth seem destined to succeed, while others struggle with the same issues far into adulthood. Get ready to be inspired as you discover the practical steps to helping young people live extraordinary lives.
Dr. Kim has dedicated the last 15 years of her life training well over 8,000 college aged students in best principles and strategies for moving youth into productive, meaningful, joyful lives.
Emerita of Psychology and Early Childhood Education, youth advocate, teen resiliency builder, consultant of parents and others working with youth, author, inspirational speaker, and founder of Abbey’s Purple Winged Angels Foundation- a global organization dedicated to providing ALL youth with the opportunities and experiences they need to discover who they were born to be, what they were born to do, and empower them with strategies to live the lives of their choosing to find significance as members of society.
“Suicides, homelessness, anxiety, depression, apathy, misplaced values, nihilism, gun violence, anarchy, drug and alcohol addiction, babies having babies. All of these are symptoms—warning signs that something is terribly wrong with young people in America.
Every day, we watch politicians, news anchors, and citizens all across the nation insist that everyone deserves “rights,” that everyone deserves to “share in the American dream.” After all, it’s the humane thing for a country to do.
Meanwhile, the young people right in front of us aren’t thriving in their own communities. A nation is measured by the strength of its communities; and the strength of a community is measured by the young people it produces. How can we meet our goals as a nation if our communities fail to produce emotionally healthy young people?
We can change this. But it starts with putting our communities front and center. That’s why I am committed to making meaningful connections with every young person I interact with.
We need to recognize that it is unacceptable to let young people slip through the cracks. We need supportive communities. We need a movement. That’s why I wrote this book.
Please join me in developing healthy, productive, meaningful, joyful communities by developing young people who know their place in the real world and who believe that their futures matter. Join me, and let’s build ExtraOrdinary Youth Together.”