Beth Baughan is passionate about women’s health. A teacher at heart, with a degree in special education, Beth has empowered hundreds of women on exercise, nutrition, and spirituality. She has been a personal trainer and wellness strategist for 16 years. As a coach and speaker for self improvement conferences, community association groups, direct selling events, mom groups, and more, she inspires women to lose what weighs them down (fear, guilt, shame, insecurity, etc.) so that they are free to love themselves for who they are.

Through her work, she sees many women who neglect their mental, emotional, and spiritual health and struggle with body image. Beth has overcome her own mental health struggles and is known for her transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity. She is unparalleled in her ability to show women how to live whole hearted, healthy lives.

Summary: "Do you want to be well? Get up! Pick up your mat and walk," -Jesus in John 5

In a world that values quick fixes, makeovers, and before and after pictures, we often lose sight of one essential truth; true transformation of the mind, body, and spirit begins on the inside. Beth knows what it is like to want to skip over the journey and arrive at the destination looking like we have it all together, but had learned true healing is found by simply putting one foot in front of the other.Through her powerful and miraculous story, Beth brings you on her journey through the depths of mental illness to the abundant life of peace. She offers practical tools to attain or regain physical, mental, and emotional health. Using her own struggles and set backs as a guide, Beth offers a vulnerable, honest, and insightful look at what it means to be a healthy woman in our fast-paced, image-focused culture. Full of faith and hope, Beth gently nudges the reader into a deeper understanding of the forces that pull us toward sickness and disease and guides with wisdom to reveal the path toward wellness and freedom.There is hope for all of us. There is freedom to be found if we will simply pick up our mat and walk.