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During our first Chicks Connect meeting in Lake Oswego, Oregon, I asked the group to introduce themselves and share with us how the group could help them professionally and personally. They had no problem stating their name, describing the type of product or service they provide but then each of the 12 women got stuck. What do you mean personally? One woman shared that we could meet her in the evening for coffee to discuss business. Another woman shared that she needed more referrals for her business, and yet another talked about her interest in finding someone to help her work in her business. They had the hardest time talking about anything except business. No one had ever asked them, "How can we help you personally?" Many women spend the majority of their lives helping others; be it children, extended family, husbands, aging parents, ill relatives, and friends; but when it comes to their personal needs and how to ask for help, they were stumped.

Chicks Connect provides a safe platform for women to share their professional, as well as, personal needs with the group. The community of Chicks is there with a focus on Connecting women, getting them into positive Action- all on a foundation of Love and Support. We want you to be the best YOU, you can be. With a little coaching the women got into the flow of personal versus professional needs and amazing things started to happen.

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One Chick discussed some frustration with her teenage son and another Chick said, "Let's have coffee, mine are in college now and I can totally relate." The next week they both shared about the lovely time they had together on a "Chick Chat" and the Chick felt super supported and no longer felt alone in her issues with her son. Another Chick stated that she really wanted a running tread mill for her home, but it would need to fold up easily as she didn't have a lot of room. Another Chick responded, "I have one that you can have, you just have to come and pick it up." Some of the Chicks wanted to lose weight, one wanted some accountability so that she would read two chapters in a book for pleasure, a few others wanted more social activities and some even to find a life partner. We set out to structure our group so that FUN activities would take place each month. The Fun Chicks were born at this meeting along with the Chick with a Bic. Women are helpful, creative, loving and super smart. Let's work together to help one another be the best we can be.

Even in business we need to know and practice asking for help, like the Chick who was dealing with computer issues for the last 10 days and she is on her computer for her business as a graphic designer. When she expressed her frustration with her computers, another Chick came to the rescue with a hard drive. There is a lot of power and energy in a group of Connected Chicks working with one another out of love and support.

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?

Are you ready to do LIFE at 100%?

Are you ready to boost your business? Your relationships? Your Fun??

If so, what steps are you prepared to take today?

What areas of your life need the most attention?

Where could you use support from other people?

I want you to spend some time thinking about yourself....

We are often so busy worrying about others; doing for others, that we forget what we really even like.

What brings you happiness, fulfillment, joy?

What would you do for a full day if you could plan every minute doing whatever you wanted to do?

What would be the perfect date night?

What charity would you support if you had wealth beyond your wildest dreams?

What would you teach to others?

What other questions would you ask yourself?

Take time to reflect each day and set your plans for the next. Create a gratitude list and remember to be grateful for just being you, right where you are, at this very moment in time.
Chicks Connect can help you to be the best YOU, you can be.

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