What is Chicks Connect?

Chicks Connect is more than a membership... It is a movement! A movement dedicated to inspiring members to grow personally and professionally by connecting, collaborating, creating and celebrating one another. Although you can become a member and enjoy all the benefits from the comfort of your own home, the real value begins when you join an existing group or start a Chicks Connect Chapter of your own.


Megan Basl - Bend Your Nutrition

Helping women naturally manage chronic digestive issues, fatigue and joint pain, so they can feel more confident in their body, increase their energy and get back to enjoying the things they love.


Reunion to Re-Connect

Welcome to the Chicks Connect REUNION to RECONNECT event! We are so excited to hear from you and what you are bringing to the community… it’s been too long!


Featured Charity - The Linda L. Vladyka Breast Wellness Foundation

The LLV Foundation donates proceeds from Play for a Cure Oregon, and other events throughout the year, to local and regional organizations to be used for research, patient care and emergency financial aid for breast cancer patients

Lots of Laughs

"I look forward to every Chicks Connect meeting because I know I will find love, acceptance, support, wisdom & lots of laughs! Great, lasting friendships have been made and they are priceless!" Jane Roe


Inspiring, Loving and Supportive

"I'd been following Lynette Molina and the AZ Chicks Connect for years. I always loved seeing all the pictures and inspiring posts. I recently retired from Corporate America. I told Lynette I had plans in motion and wanted to come to a meeting. My first meeting was last March and I was just amazed by all of these women. Entrepreneurs that support each other and help each other in all aspects of life. The first night I went I signed up immediately. The energy in the room could have lit up Arizona for a year. I was so drawn to it. We are launching a new biz and had no idea how to use social media, approach businesses and build a network. These women have helped us navigate through it all. They are inspiring, loving and supportive. I'm just blown away by the compassion. We have learned so much and are now launching our biz with the confidence and knowledge we needed. I know I will be able to turn to them anytime and they will help. I will do whatever I can to support whatever my chicks need as well. I Thank God everyday for these connections!" Margaret Oxenden

Business name: One Day All-Stars (Your Photo on a Sports Ball, Ornament or Pet Ball.


Professional Growth & Confidence

"Chicks Connect is a great organization that has allowed me to gain confidence and grow in my professional development within a community of heart-centered women who truly care and look out for each other. There are so many opportunities to speak, get feedback and mastermind about business and life… I love this group of women!" Kathy Stanley

Business Name: Sacred Art Journeys

Wesbite link: SacredArtJourneys.com

Embraced with Love

"I am very excited to be part of chicks connect. I love Jewels Muller's passion to help women succeed in their personal and business growth. I have met incredible and amazing women. I am always embraced with love. I feel Chicks Connect is a safe place for me to express myself and grow as a woman.

I believe that creating a relationship first with each woman I meet is important. I see an opportunity to grow my business as well as helping other women grow their's." Susan D'Amico

Business Name:
Align with Love


Accountability and Empowerment

"I joined Chicks Connect about 2 months ago, since then I have met like-minded and empowering women. It is not just a networking group it is much more. The meetings, events and social hours have been so valuable to my personal development.

This organization was presented to me at a time when I am taking my wellness business to the next level. I have the support of the group on a weekly basis to keep up the momentum, when I need it the most.

It is very helpful to have a theme each week and that adds to accountability.

Thank you Chicks for all you do and proud to be part of the group."

Denise Tropea,D.P.M.

Naturally Plus (NPUSA)


Chicks Give Back

"K-Town Chicks is all about heart and doing community well. We take great pride in supporting our Charity, HOME Youth and Resource Center. HOME provides a safe haven for homeless and at risk youth of Marion and Polk County. At HOME, teens use the facility to shower, get 2 meals a day, get homework and tutoring assistance, training/apprenticeship programs and so much more. We have raised awareness and funds through connecting with our local communities via several different fundraisers, including bingo, raffles and a Rummage Sale Fundraiser. Our efforts provide the funds to shop for school supplies, everyday necessities, plus a heartfelt Christmas for them. K-Town Chicks give back in a big way and while we may think we are doing a good thing, (of course we are) the teens continue to touch our hearts with each new day."

Cindy Goff, Leader K-Town Chicks

Weaving Friendships

High Quality Support

"Chicks Connect has helped me build an amazing tribe of people who unconditionally love and lift me up. Although my initial motivation was business related, my focus quickly shifted after my first Chicks Connect meeting. I realized that what Jewels has created with Chicks Connect is an opportunity for women to connect as people FIRST and the business relationships naturally follow after we build the personal relationships. I have more women supporting me in my business now than I ever have, and their support is of a much higher quality than the simple monetary support of buying my products and services."  Mariah Clark

Business name: Empowering Sexuality

Want to learn more about CHICKS CONNECT?

Chicks Connect is a Mastermind Support Network dedicated to connecting members locally and globally, guiding them into action, holding them accountable for personal and professional growth and development, all built on a foundation of love, fun, friendship, service and support.

About Jewels Muller

Jewels is currently on the road in a Motor Home touring the US with her family, homeschooling her boys and connecting with people face to face, sharing the Chicks Connect Movement.  She owes her success to her supportive husband, extended family, network, and mentors who have encouraged and held her up along her journey.

How do you determine the Chicks of the Year?

The Chicks of the Year are members who go above and beyond as leaders and contributors to our community. They are nominated by the members and have excelled in these areas.

  • Leadership in Chicks Connect
  • Sponsorship of events
  • Supporting other leaders with their chapter launches
  • Volunteer for events
  • Volunteer for Chicks Connect special projects
  • Referrals to Chicks Connect
  • Support of other members
  • Following the Chicks Creed
  • Participation in the Membership
  • Nominations from other members
  • Helping the founder Jewels Muller
  • Going above and beyond regular membership/leadership commitments

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