Spotlight Chick - Andrea Nicole King

Tell us about yourself so that we can get to know you better.

Hello! I’m Andrea Nicole King. I grew up in the Chicago area, and will never go back! I’ve lived in Arizona since 2001, and prefer the intensity of the Phoenix valley over the midwest for a lot of reasons.
I’m a naturally minded, open, goofy, feng shui geek, and furniture whisperer. My intuition leads me to help people find their unique flow. I use a specific process that activates change and creates subconscious agreements to let go of the old ways that aren’t working.
I have 2 kids, Boy 12, Girl 10, 2 paint horses, and a goofy doggo. I play djembe, and love to sing and dance, and FLOW!

What inspired you to do what you do professionally?

Organizing is a natural thing for me. I guess you could say I have some OCD that I have put to work! Every place I worked, I created more flow. I decluttered, organized, and created systems and processes with “work smart, not hard” in mind.
I learned fast, got promoted quickly, and realized after I had kids that I should stop doing this work for an hourly job and be of service to more people and small companies. Flowganize was born.
I love seeing people in their power and thriving!

Tell us a story of how you made a difference in someone’s life.

A got a phone call one afternoon from a friend who said he met a young couple at the bus stop who needed a place to stay for the night and would help in exchange. I had a habit of allowing “strays” into my world, so I said it would be fine. The couple arrives, early 20s, and well, troubled.
I agreed they could stay and we got to talking. They were headed to Texas but didn’t necessarily want to be, so we talked about how they could help me. I had room for them and we made agreements.
At first things went well. She was from a rough town, and had been into raves and drugs, but took to the farm life pretty quickly. He was a natural helper, and quite playful.
After several months, signs of abuse became evident and we did some tough love work with it. She became pregnant, and their relationship got strained. The abuse didn’t stop, and there came a point when I told her to call it. She had a bite mark on her back, she was 6 months pregnant. He had pushed her down. It was time to end it.
I asked her if she was ready to own her life and let him go, and she said yes. I talked to him and he agreed to leave.
I connected her to a tough strong midwife, and she enjoyed the last trimester of her pregnancy. I held her as she birthed her daughter, and began her new life.
Today, she holds a full time job and takes care of herself and her daughter, who is 4 years old. She keeps in touch, and is thriving.

What have you gained personally from being a member of Chicks Connect?

Finding a group of women who aren’t handing me their business card when we meet! Seriously, I love that I was invited to a couple meetings as a presenter and liked the culture enough to want to be part of it. “mastermind vs. “networking”. The women are open and sharing their lives and personalities so deciding to refer someone to them or hire/buy their products would be easy.

What have you gained professionally from being a member of Chicks Connect?

My chapter leader is a fantastic badass and has attracted some amazing women that I am enjoying getting to know. I am working on a new evolution of my business, so it’s a great time to get input and feedback from like minded professionals.

Any words of wisdom for other Chicks?

Do what you find to be easy. Figure out what comes naturally to you, the thing you think everybody knows, but is really a unique thing YOU bring to the world. Let go of clutter in your mind, body, and physical spaces!

How can people reach you if they want to know more about what you are up to in the world?

I’m pretty active on Facebook, (Andrea Nicole King) and have a Facebook group where I love to share my weird magic Flowganizing skills. My website is or you can follow my page at:
I offer 15 minute calls when they make sense to see if we align, and if I can help at all. Some people just use these calls to ask a couple questions about Feng Shui or decluttering!