cassie5 Benefits to falling in love with yourself:

1.) You’re happier-Loving yourself naturally leads to being happier. It’s impossible to truly be loving yourself and not be happy almost all of the time.  Being happy is the best natural consequence to falling in love with yourself.

2.) Confidence increases-Loving yourself to the core, activates a deep self-confidence.  When you are loving yourself you know you’re amazing. You focus not the good stuff about you.  Confidence exudes when you love yourself.

3.) Your life runs smoother-There are many reasons your life run smoother when you’re loving yourself.  The first is you naturally orient yourself to things you love.  This creates a natural boundary to keep the things you don’t love at bay.  When you love yourself, confidence increases and the need to stress about how things will get done decreases.  You know you’ve got whatever is in front of you.

4.) It allows others around you permission to do the same-Falling in love with yourself gives everyone you come in contact with permission to do the same.  Soon your life is filled with people who love themselves.  This makes for a very cool supportive life.

5.) Magic happens-My favorite! When you love yourself, things fall magically into place. Good stuff happens to you, always.  People like being around you because you bring the good mojo.  Manifesting is easy.  You’re always supported by those around you.  It’s like you have magic pixie dust following you wherever you go.

5 benefits of loving youDoes this sound like a very juicy life?

It is! My life shifted when I fell completely in love with myself and started making choices to support that love.  I am living the life of my dreams.
In order to support others in doing the same, I am offering some exciting extras to compliment my famous Loving Yourself 30/30/30.  The program is loving yourself for 30 seconds a day for 30 days for 30 cents a day.  That’s right, the program is an investment in you of $9! 
This product is amazing, Relationship Coach Lisa M. Hayes, said “It’s one of the best self-love products on the market.”  How can an amazing product get even better? Put a group of women together to do it together and create a tidal wave of self-love. 
Here’s the plan. The group starts February 10th! You invest in yourself by investing financially in Loving Yourself 30/30/30 and invest your time by participating in the daily activity and giving and receiving support in the private Facebook Group.  How can this get even better?  There will weekly calls where you can ask questions about activities, get coaching and connect with other women who are loving themselves!

The investment is still only $9 and you’re amazing energy!
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