20140825_145852_1 (1)Roaming Road Trip Chick ~ Lynn Thorsen Visits Central Oregon Chicks Connect Members

I’m having a great time in Bend. The weather has been on the cool side, which pleases me!! I’m a true “valley girl”.

I wasn’t able to attend either of the Chicks meetings as Redmond is on Thursday’s at 9:30am and I arrived on Thursday afternoon. And the Redmond meeting is on Wednesday’s at 1:30pm and I need to get going no later than noon.

But, I was able to connect with Mollie and Sonja and we met for lunch at the Pine Tavern, which I hadn’t been to in years. We were seated outside and it was a beautiful day. We had a two hour lunch and it was great getting to meet some sister Chicks. Mollie is absolutely delightful and of course my good friend, Sonja is always such a treat to get together with.
Lynn Trip 2
20140824_122910-1-1 - Copy

So, here are a couple of photos of our get together as well as a few from the High Desert Museum, which was wonderful. My friend Gracie Campbell joined me for a few days in Bend, so she attended our Chicks luncheon. The two photos of Gracie and I eating was at the HDM. Pretty goofy!!!

Lynn Trip 1

Here’s one more photo of the Redmond Co-Chair Chicks.  I am so glad that I reached out to these wonderful ladies.  Sonja called Janice and we were able to get together at Anthony’s in the Old Mill District.  Wonderful place.  Just a short visit (maybe an hour), but it was great to be with Sonja again, as well as meeting Janice.

Lynn Thorsen

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