Spotlight Chick - Patti Caveney

Hello Chicks!
I know a lot of you know me because I've been around for a while now...BUT, I also know a lot of you don't know me, so I'd like to introduce myself. As you can clearly see, my name is Patti, but you can call me Patti. 😉 (and I have a silly sense of humor).
I live in West Linn Oregon, which is part of the Portland Oregon metropolitan area. I have a husband, Jim, and a couple of kids - Aiden is 17 and Joshua is almost 14 (what?!?). We have a dog and a cat too...and we live in an apartment (we moved last January from the duplex we were in to an apartment).
I am an insurance agent. I have a degree in finance and an CLEARLY, CLEARLY I can pass tests with the best of them. (Truth be told, I love academia and I should have gotten my PhD and been a college professor...I swear college campuses have an energy that makes me feel GOOD - I think it's called "hope")
My insurance agent trajectory has been a wild one. I've sure learned a lot. About insurance, sure...but also about myself, my strengths as a business woman, and of course, those areas where I need to focus more.
My kids are a big motivating factor for me (spoken like most mamas, right?). My youngest is ADHD and when he started middle school I was building a Final Expense practice...out of frustration (my work days were being constantly interrupted as he was struggling to figure out how to be a middle schooler) late on a Saturday night, I applied for 3 jobs - in that moment I was desperate and felt as through I would never be successful because I could never work more than a couple hours without having to go save him from some issue or other...That would have been early October, I think, maybe late September. I got up the next Monday morning and went back to work, not really giving those job applications another thought.
Fast forward to December. I was in Salem, I was out in the field, I had just written a couple of policies and I was having a good day. I was feeling like I had finally figured out the rhythm I needed to be successful. Things were finally coming together. I remember thinking to myself "I think I've got this, this next year is going to be great, I'm going to finally find the success I've been looking for"
About 2 hours later I got a call from one of those applications - offering me a job. To be honest, I was both delighted to be employable, and crestfallen...I had been struggling as an entrepreneur for so long that I felt I could not allow a "good" job to pass me by. I felt like I owed it to my family to offer some stability and a "regular" paycheck. So I took the job, but not without a tinge of sadness for what I was giving up.
So I started this new job (I work for a software company doing technical support - which I had 10 years of experience with prior to having kids) be honest, it's a hard job. I always joke about Tech Support being the bar tender of the technical world...people call us with their problems, and often it's about someone else in the organization with expectations, so we (sometimes) hear the stories. I spend time soothing souls and making them know they are smart and capable and I will help them get the job done, so they can move forward. That's not the hard part...the software is a combination of accounting and project management for architects and engineering firms. It's a pretty amazing package that does a lot...and it's complex, so for the first six months or so, my brain power was completely taken up learning how to be successful at my daily job.
(I'd like to add I started on 1/6/20 - and on 3/13/20 I spent my last day in the office and have been working remote since, so that added a whole other layer too)
Still and all, I want my own insurance agency...I am not ready to let go of the dreams I have for myself. And to that end, I added Medicare to my available products this past summer. Today, I continue to work full time in software, and am starting to create my Insurance Agency all over again.
I offer Final Expense, Life Insurance, and Medicare. I am licensed in Oregon, WA, ID, TX, VA, SD, SC, FL...I'm licensed in 11 states, but mostly active in OR/WA at this time. My goal is to replace the income from my job and go full time as an agent as soon as I can. It won't be "quick", but it will happen.
My kids still need me. My oldest is struggling with school and life, my youngest has unique issues, but he's doing OK. If I can get my oldest past high school and into the "real world", I think he'll be OK husband just had hip replacement surgery on 11/18 and is home through the end of the year - just to make things more interesting...
It's hard to know the "right" thing to I "a good role model" because I work hard and pursue my dreams - I wanted to be a full time agent for the flexibility to parent, and it feels like trying to be that agent is simply taking all my time instead of helping free up some time for them...or would it be so much better if I "just" focused on being a mom, maybe waiting to launch the agency in ~ 4 years after the youngest is mostly done with school...It's a struggle. And through it all, I ain't getting any younger, so there's that too.
AND, I'm here. If you have questions about Medicare, about Final Expense, about life insurance...I would love to schedule an appointment and chat. If you're trying to figure it all out and balance it all and make it work, reach out for those conversations too. We need each other and we've all been removed from each other over the last year and a half...I've missed my Chick meetings, the hugs and the friendships, the encouragement and the energy I get from everyone as they share their ask or their success or even just a greeting.
My encouragement to each of you to keep going, keep striving, be strong...and reach out to your chick friends for the support you need.
Happy December - happy reflection of the past year and dreams for the coming year...happy vision board and new planner and goal setting session season . May the past year yield results and good input for future successes and may happiness always find its way to your doorstep. - my updated website.