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I'm re re re re launching my Widow / Life Transitions Coaching business / International- Best-Author featured in ten or so compilations and my own books. I'm currently revising my 2016 book as well as a few others. Updating and Focusing on Transitions - many of you bought and supported me on my very 1st book! As a thank you. the updated book I'll give to you at $12 rather than the $19.95.

I am known as the Transition Chick since ĺ am actually, I'm a Chick Chick! How cool is that? We all wear many hats - Coach. Widow Chick, confidante friend and now, & gym-rat and weight- lifter!

I have a neuroglial Disability so coordination can be lousy and have the handwriting of 3 yr old! SO strengthening my core - less chance of wobbling and toppling over! It's a good idea. It is what it is. There's Iots I can no longer do. Being in musicals - amateur little theatre, waaay off Broadway! Singing and dancing just is no longer for me but I really try to focus on what I can still control. I can think and use voice speech to text is great! I can lead by example and be the guide in getting my clients to dream and watch them transform their lives!

I've seen it - seeing one of my clients transform through my gifts and decided I needed to become my own widow coach after losing my beloved Clark. Husband of 23 yrs and my soulmate, to bladder cancer. Whole story on I'm chronicling our cancer journey and my subsequent widowhood. FROM GRIEF TO GROWTH how to successfully transition from soul mate to widow.

I now have several books and have created my publishing co. So I plan to have them available by the holidays! I am blessed by having the overwhelming support of many of my Sister Chicks and my Chick Bestie, Tamia Dow from Vegas as a sister chick, Beth donated southwest roundtrip and she was there a few days later And Jewels drove down from Maine to share her support and encouragement. Thank you - Ill never forget that.


...and I'm so proud to have chosen to be a Lifetime Member giving back to a great group who continue to support and encourage me. Let's end this on a positive note! Thinking that Marcia 2.0 has shown up. Joined as a Virtual Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay during the pandemic - desperate for human interaction, if not contact! I stepped way out of my comfort zone! I hate sales! Fast forward with many skin care classes - I love to learn and share makeup glam or look natural but better and my own skin care is soo much better, I'm a walking ad! I offer a Pamper DIY every Thurs at 4pst on zoom, of course! I am one of the Top 5 earners in our unit of 32 making my directors' Princess Court of Sales and I really don't sell! Many of you can attest to that. What I tell my clients - Dare to dream big and set big honking, audacious goals, believe in yourself and ask me to help you be the hero of your own story!

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