NEW Lifetime Member!

Mary Kirkpatrick

We are so excited to welcome our newest Lifetime Member Mary Kirkpatrick. Thank you Mary, for believing in the Chicks Connect mission and vision for supporting members with their personal and professional growth and development which is built on a foundation of love, fun, friendship, service, and support. We love you and welcome you with open arms and a huge hug! Jewels

Tell us about you Mary!

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. All through childhood & college in Ohio, I thought that I wanted to be a teacher. In fact, that is what I pursued in college & got my degree in Elementary Education. Once I figured out that was not my calling, I tried out many other avenues including photography, social work, health food store employee, & house cleaning, to name a few. I felt a calling to massage for many years before I finally went for training & got my license—originally in Florida & then Oregon after my move to the west.

Once I left traditional jobs, I no longer had health insurance & decided to invest in my own health rather than spend money on health insurance. It was risky, but gave me incentive for learning about preventive health care. When I was fully committed to massage full time, I was concerned about how an injury to my hands would affect my income. This concern led me to establish a second income stream, so I added a side business doing Pampered Chef parties. I always loved taking workshops & learning additional techniques and people introduced some products that helped me, so sometimes I offered them to my clients—water filters, a unique natural-based line of supplements and essential oils.

Currently I am semi-retired & exploring using a system of light pads that increase circulation & decrease pain. These lights helped me recover from an injury that 6 weeks of acupuncture & chiropractic work was unable to correct. This treatment can affect many different issues in the body. In addition I include some sound treatment using singing bowls & tuning forks with massage. This is very relaxing & the vibration goes deep into the body to affect change.

In addition to my part-time massage practice, I do some volunteer work at the hospital—crocheting blankets for babies in the neonatal unit and working with a program called No One Dies Alone serving people who are not able to have friends or family with them during the transition.

On the fun side, I also volunteer at 2 of the theaters in town as an usher (which means I get to see all of the plays)! Of course, my Chicks group—Spring Chicks—is very important to me. I think of them as my tribe! And I know that I can count on the entire Chicks community and look forward to CCIC when we can reconnect. All of this is enough to keep me out of trouble! That is why I decided to become a lifetime member!