Spotlight Chick - Kyda Dodson

Leveling Up

I was playing one of my favorite on-line games today, and thought to myself how much I was looking forward to the big reward and level 400. Then I looked at the screen and noticed I was already on level 402. What?! Why didn’t I notice that accomplishment? Did I get a big reward like the game promised?

That got me to thinking about how many times we accomplish things in our lives and gloss over the accomplishment. I have reached several milestones this year. Some I have celebrated big time, like my trip to Haiti, but others sort of drift by in the business of life.

Do you set goals in your life? And do you celebrate them?

Back to my trip to Haiti… that trip had been on my heart for at least 5 years, if not a lot more. When I was younger I had no intention of ever taking a mission trip. There are plenty of issues to solve right here at home. But, Haiti kept coming up in my life. And the more I learned, the more I knew I was supposed to visit. For me it was a huge step.

  • To make the trip I had to get my first passport.
  • I traveled internationally for the first time, and not only to a third world country, but to the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.
  • I prepared with medications to prevent malaria
  • I have a lovely slide show and tons of stories to share if you are interested!

My next huge milestone was starting my own business. Not just registering a sole proprietorship like I’ve done several times before, but hiring an attorney and filing for an S Corp, interviewing accountants, opening business accounts, getting wholesale accounts with companies I order from. Wow!

With a new business, Dodson Adventures, Inc., I started networking again, and decided to join BNI (Business Network International) to help my business grow. For those of you not familiar with the group, it is an intense time commitment (a meeting each week, “homework”, required 1-2-1 meetings to build relationships and more. It also comes with a fairly substantial monetary commitment. But I took the scary leap and joined. I believe BNI will help me in these ways:

  • Grow my business, with members inside and outside of BNI
  • One goal is to show that my membership re-pays itself within one year
  • It forces me to get out of the house at least one day per week, and probably more, which is good for me in the winter season here in Oregon where it would be easy to go into hibernation mode
  • BNI gives me another support system in a world where in person human relationships grow scares

At this point in the story, I have to mention my other major support system, my sisters in Chicks Connect! My weekly meeting with my peeps here in town help anchor me. I can use them as sounding boards, advisors and product testers. My local group and other throughout the state and nation wide office me a connection I would not want to live without!

What does my business offer? Good question! It sort of develops every time I talk to someone. My friend in SW Portland (not Beaverton)… lol! Had been asking me to come up and house sit for him and last year it finally started working out to do so. So then I would have to tell people I couldn’t attend something because I was house sitting. Soon other people started asking me what I charged and when I was available. Charge? I was just doing a friend a favor and staying in a beautiful home taking care of kitties. I started looking into what a house sitting business looks like and next thing I knew I was taking care of kitties and pups for friends and strangers. What else makes sense to add to this? How about errands and projects… a little vague but doable. For the Christmas season this means present wrapping, shopping, decorating, organizing, food prep and other chores that will help people during this busy time.

Then I had this idea about Christmas Stockings! And “Stuff-A-Stocking” was born. I have my first “pop-up” this next week. I have had so much fun finding and ordering small interesting items and the wrapping to make them special. I hope people will have as much fun buying the items as I have had ordering them. It has been like Christmas in our house since September! Stay tuned for reports on the success.

I also applied to and started driving for GrubHub. Would I ever have thought I would drive all over town and deliver food to strangers? Heck no! But it is kind of fun. I get to crank the music on the radio and visit restaurants I never ever heard of, let alone have been to. And the opportunity to have some cash flow for my business while in start-up mode. Wow!  Crazy!

And last but not least, I evicted my son. Yes, I was mad when I did it, but the incident was minor in the overall scheme of things, but we agree that it was the correct move. After all, he is 25. It is time he went on to practice “adulting” somewhere else. Terrifying, right? But, he is a terrific human being. I know he will make mistakes, but how else do humans learn? I think he is excited underneath the trepidation of the huge step. I know I am. I plan to take more steps in my business like opening an Airbnb in January. I also pretend that with him and his stuff gone I will actually get my own stuff put away. Anyone want to offer a challenge? Maybe schedule a time to drop by for a visit or appointment and see if the floor of the living room in clear, if the dining room table is cleaned off except for whatever current project is under way? And then, come up with a clever way of getting into any of the bedrooms to see if they are still disasters or if I can actually have a chance of finding stuff I’m looking for? That is the goal!

So back to the start of this ramble, how do you set goals and celebrate your “leveling up”? Of course, I am projecting that I will actually make money from these adventures. I need to replace my son’s rent and find money to re-side my home and do other home improvement projects without having to tighten my budget too drastically. So I will definitely celebrate new siding! And my next trip. But I want to find ways to build into my business plan celebrations along the way. I’d love to hear what you do, and I’ve really like to receive suggestions to reward myself along the way.

Happy Adventures!

Kyda Dodson